Plat Submission


Initial Submission

1) All preliminary plats shall be submitted to the Office of the Calhoun County Water Resources Commissioner in accordance with the requirements set forth in Sections 111 and 114 of the Land Division Act and the following rules, regulations and procedures. The filing fee and any subsequent filing or review fees provided for in these rules, regulations and procedures shall accompany the initial and subsequent submissions and shall be deposited with the Calhoun County Water Resources Commissioner prior to review of the preliminary plat information.

2) The proprietor or a representative shall submit to the Calhoun County Water Resources Commissioner three copies of the preliminary plat along with all other in- formation required herein or which may be of significant value in reviewing the proposed subdivision development. All documents shall be properly signed and sealed by a Registered Land Surveyor and Registered Professional Engineer licensed to practice within the State of Michigan. The names, addresses and telephone numbers of the proprietor and the consultants shall be clearly noted on all of the documents submitted for review and approval.

3) Information Requirements: The preliminary plat shall contain the following information:

A. The name of the proposed subdivision plat, complete with legal caption containing section number, town and range, township, county and state. Plans shall be submitted on 24 x 36 inch paper with scale not more than 1 inch = 200 feet.

B. Full name, address and telephone number of the development company and/or the individual proprietor or representative who will be responsible for the proposed development.

C. Full company name, address and telephone number of the Registered Land Surveyor and the Professional Engineer who is preparing the plat and the plans.

D. Date, North point, graphic scale(not to exceed 1 inch = 100 feet).

E. Ownership and proposed use of designated drainage lots.

F. Existing zoning classification of the area within the bounded limits of the proposed subdivision.

G. Ownership and existing zoning classification of all adjacent properties and if platted the liber and page numbers of recorded plats.

H. Total gross acreage of land to be subdivided.

I. Proposed lot sizes and lot numbers of each lot.

J. Vicinity sketch and location of subdivision.

K. Location, use, size, etc. of any existing utility system on or adjacent to the proposed site.

L. Location, width and names of all existing and proposed road and other right-of-way on or adjacent to the proposed site.

M. Location of all boundary lines, lot lines, notation as to the minimum building line setbacks and dimensions thereof.

N. Location of all existing lakes, ponds, bays, rivers, streams, creeks, canals, slips, lagoons, waterways, county or intercounty drains, or natural or man-made surface drainage courses including swales, ditches or culverts and the elevations thereof; floodplain area within or adjacent to the proposed subdivision and any proposed plans for filling, dredging or otherwise improving or altering said floodplain areas.

O. Location, size, type and elevation of all proposed drainage facilities including the proposed outlet.

P. Location, descriptions and dimensions of any existing buildings or structures on the site or proposed to be part of the future platted area.

Q. Contours of the site based upon United States Geological Survey Data and shown at two (2) foot intervals.

R. Designate all open spaces, parks or community areas and indicate whether they will be private or dedicated public areas and the proposed use thereof.

S. Show the location and dimension of any existing easements for public or private utilities, ingress or egress, roadways, or pedestrian walkways, railroads, high tension towers, underground transmission or supply lines or any type.

T. A complete set of construction plans and specifications as explained on Pages 18 through 21.

4) Any proposed utility easements which will be required to service the proposed development shall be shown on the preliminary plat to avoid subsequent changes in the proposed layout. The proprietor should consult with the various utility companies to assure specific width and location of required easements prior to submission of the layout to the Water Resources Commissioner.

5) If the proposed development is planned in stages or will be phased, a master plan of the total planned development showing the proposed total layout shall be submitted with the first phase clearly delineated thereon. Subsequent subdivisions shall be added as the development progresses to illustrate the method and direction of development the proprietor intends to pursue. Staged or phased subdivisions will be accepted and approved on an individual basis and each submission shall follow the same procedures as outlined herein. Final acceptance of the individual subdivisions or part of a total master plan for development does not insure total acceptance of the master plan. Flexibility should be provided to accommodate any necessary or desired changes and/or revisions.

6) Section 114(3) of the Land Division Act requires that the Water Resources Commissioner approve or reject the preliminary plat within thirty (30) days of submittal. If the proposed preliminary plat and accompanying data meets all the requirements as outlined in these rules, regulations and procedures, then one (1) copy of the preliminary plat will be approved, dated, sealed and signed by the Calhoun County Water Resources Commissioner and returned to the proprietor. Approval by the Water Resources Commissioner will be valid for a period of two (2) years from the date the Water Resources Commissioner approves the preliminary plat. If the final plat has not been submitted within this period of time, the proprietor shall petition the Water Resources Commissioner in writing for an extension stating the reasons for such extension.

If the proposed preliminary plat is not approved as originally submitted, the Water Resources Commissioner will notify the proprietor in writing, setting forth the reasons for withholding approval and shall state the changes and/or revisions or additions necessary to obtain such approval. The Water Resources Commissioner may grant approval conditioned upon performance of certain acts, revisions or additions. All provisions of such a conditional approval shall be complied with by proprietor before final approval for a final plat will be granted.

Final Plat Approval

1) The Proprietor shall submit two (2) copies of the final plat drawings to the Water Resources Commissioner along with any required filing and/or review fees as outlined in these Rules. If the Water Resources Commissioner approves the plat, he/she will affix his/her signature to it and the plat will be executed. If the Water Resources Commissioner rejects the plat, written notice of such rejection stating the reasons for withholding approval and the revisions and/or corrections necessary prior to approval shall be forwarded to the Proprietor within ten (10) days of the date of submission of the final plat.

2) As a condition of the final plat approval, the Water Resources Commissioner will require the following:

A. All stormwater facilities must be clean, unobstructed and in good working order at the date of acceptance.

B. A certificate shall be obtained from a Registered Professional Engineer satisfactory to the Water Resources Commissioner to the effect that the stormwater facilities were installed in an acceptable manner and according to the approved construction plans. Also the outlet (if applicable) for the proposed county drain is the only reasonable available outlet for the drain and that there is sufficient capacity in the existing outlet for the proposed drain to serve as an adequate outlet without detriment or diminution of the drainage service which the outlet presently provides, as required by Section 433 of the Michigan Drain Code of 1956, Act No. 40, P.A. of 1956, as amended. (Refer Example B)

C. Approval of the final plat will be given after all preliminary plat requirements have been met, including the execution of a 433 Agreement for the establishment of a county drain, if applicable, and following payment of all appropriate fees as established by the most recent fee schedule adopted by the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners and all moneys have been deposited in accordance with Section 433 of the Michigan Drain Code of 1956, as amended.

D. All right-of-ways in and out of the plat have been approved and recorded. Recording fees shall be paid by the Proprietor.

E. The Proprietor shall submit a copy of the final construction plans to the Water Resources Commissioner.

F. The Proprietor shall submit a signed copy of the 433 Agreement to the Water Resources Commissioner.

G. The Proprietor shall submit to the Water Resources Commissioner maintenance fund money that is to be deposited in project account.

H. The Proprietor shall submit an Irrevocable Letter of Credit to the Water Resources Commissioner covering 110% of the cost to finish the drainage facilities if final plat is to be signed before completion of facilities.

I. The Proprietor shall submit a copy of the deed restriction.

J. One set of mylars of the "As-Built" Construction Plans shall be submitted to and approved by the Water Resources Commissioner.

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