Below are the 2021 Annual Reports from Calhoun County Offices. Please click the name of a department to explore its accomplishments and numbers at a glance from last year.
Geographic Information Services
Parks & Recreation
Senior Services
Sheriff's Office
Solid Waste & Recycling
Treasurer's Office

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In 2021, Calhoun County parks saw more park users than ever before. The pandemic forced people outdoors and has proven the importance of our local parks system. It was also the first year we had funds from the Calhoun County Parks Millage to help us achieve even better maintenance and development of our parks. The millage allowed the department to hire its first year-round full-time Operations Coordinator. The coordinator oversees the daily operations, stewardship, and maintenance of the parks. They bring experience in invasive species management, habitat restoration, and equipment operation expertise. The department also constructed a new park in Albion Township and began a redesign of Kimball Pines Park. None of these projects would be possible without the Calhoun County Parks Millage. Learn more below about all the work accomplished in 2021!

Park Construction in Albion Township
The new park in Albion Township was nearly completed in 2021, with a few miscellaneous items being finished in the Spring of 2022. The trailhead connects to the Albion River Trail and has already become a popular walk for area residents. A name unveiling will be scheduled for mid-2022. The 40 acres of wildflowers successfully bloomed for the first time and should come back even denser in the beautiful meadow.

albion park kiosk


Kimball Pines Park Final Design 
The Kimball Pines Redevelopment Project underwent the design phase in 2021. The project will revitalize the once-thriving 75-acre park through the construction of a new entrance, Iron Belle and North Country Trail parking, ADA-compliant bathrooms, restored habitat, and universally accessible trails.


Municipal Allocations

  • 100% of municipalities accepted their allocation in 2021.
  • 9 municipalities spent a significant portion of their allocation while 18 municipalities saved their allocation for a large project.
  • Municipalities were required to submit their 2021 Millage Allocation Report that provided a financial report, detailed how their park millage funds were spent, and asked how their results differed from their original proposal.  
  • Municipalities certified that their funds are going towards expanding the quality of parks in our community and are not being used to take the place of existing municipal park funding.
  • The governing bodies of these municipalities provided minutes or a resolution approving the submission of the forms.

Projects completed in 2021

  • Leroy Township – Resurfaced the asphalt drive and parking lot at Graham Lake Boat Ramp.
  • City of Marshall - Removed trees that were dead and/or fallen across the Riverwalk and cleared potentially dangerous trees and limbs.
  • Village of Homer - Repaired a portion of asphalt trail at 24 1/2 mile road.
  • The city of Springfield - Made aesthetic improvements at Begg Park by replacing its sign and rebuilding a retaining wall.
  • Marengo Township – A parking lot and electrical service were added to the township pavilion.
  • Sheridan Township – Worked with the City of Albion to install a 35' flagpole at Victory Park bandshell.
  • Convis Township - Expanded its playground and added mulch and sidewalk around newly installed equipment.
  • Clarendon Township - Added a porta-potty and trash service to its township park for visitors use.
  • Bedford Charter Township – Created and sent a parks survey to its residents. The Township is seeking an engineering firm to assist with an MNRTF Grant.

2021 Park Millage Allocations 
2021 Park Millage Municipal Projects

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Kate and Emily at vaccine clinic
2021 started on an exciting note when COVID-19 vaccinations were given emergency authorization by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Senior Services staff spent hours working with the Calhoun County Public Health Department and CareWell Services scheduling older adults for vaccinations, managing the waitlist, and staffing vaccination clinics.

Thanks to these efforts, over 70% of adults ages 60 and older in Calhoun County have been fully vaccinated.


2021 Numbers at a Glance

millage programs million spent mini grants

2021 Accomplishments

  • The Calhoun Professionals in Aging Network continued to meet.
  • The Restaurant Dining Program launched at the Copper Kettle in Athens, with plans to expand in 2022.
  • 339 free Merry Mile coupons redeemed by seniors to drive through the lights display at the County Fairgrounds.
  • The Social Isolation Subcommittee met to discuss creative ways to combat social isolation and loneliness in Calhoun County’s older adults, resulting in the creation of the Social Isolation Report.
  • Senior Day at the Calhoun County Fair was held after being cancelled in 2020. This event is hosted by Senior Times; Calhoun County Senior Services is one of the proud sponsors.

Award photo


Joanne Konkle Award
The 2021 Joanne Konkle Lifetime Leadership Award was given to Linda Grap, retiring director of Senior Health Partners, a position she held for seventeen years. Linda was nominated by her staff at Senior Health Partners, and her longtime friend and colleague, Carl Gibson.


Senior Services Staff
Manager, Helen Guzzo
Social Work Intern, Julia Brant
Admin. Assistant, Rebecca de Finta
Specialist, Kate Turner &
Future Leader Dog, Geo

senior services staff


committee members


Committee Members
Back row (L-R): Dominic Oo, Jim Powers, Diane Peters, Willie Tabb, Richard Lindsey, Tom Hunsdorfer, Chairperson Commissioner Gary Tompkins, Bob Lyng, Art Kale, Commissioner Jake Smith

Front row (L-R): Jill Booth, Michelle Hill, Yvonne Chapman

2021 Seniors Served 
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Mini-grant requests are between $500 and $5,000.   Proposed services must benefit seniors age 60 and above living in Calhoun County.  Mini-grants are intended to be a flexible funding opportunity that can rapidly respond to community needs for older adults.    mini grants block

Centenarians of Calhoun County
Continuing the tradition of celebrating Calhoun County’s residents who have reached the impressive milestone of turning 99 or older, the Centenarians of Calhoun County project was launched. Senior Services staff and Senior Millage Allocation Committee members interviewed 24 Calhoun County centenarians about their lives, and Blufish Consulting took professional photos of each centenarian. The project culminated with a summer reception at the Marshall United Methodist Church, where centenarians, their family and friends, and the public were invited to view the display boards and booklets with each centenarian’s picture and story inside. The event, and the project itself, was a smashing success and touched the hearts of all those involved. Since the summer, a few of the centenarians have passed away and their families have used their pictures or biographies in their obituaries. Click here to learn more.

Picture5 Picture6 Picture7 Picture8 Picture9

Senior Ambassadors
A new volunteer program was launched by the Senior Services office in summer 2021: the Senior Ambassadors. These volunteers, who represent a variety of cities and townships within Calhoun County, met once a month to receive training on the variety of programs funded by Senior Millage. The goal of this program is to empower the ambassadors to connect others with Senior Millage programs.

senior ambassadors
From left to right: Phil Raleigh, Pat Raleigh, Cheryl Roberts, Barb Gladney, Marline Prather, Sheila Austin, Susan Stuart, Juanita Solis-Kidder. Not pictured: Evelyn Union, Janet Kolassa, Donna Rook, Helen Starkey, Judy Bush

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Calhoun County signed the EGLE Recycling Infrastructure Grant agreement and was able to order the recycling trailer and truck funded through the grant. The pandemic slowed down the process, but our trailer was completed in December 2021. The trailer, a traveling recycling center, will be used in rural townships and community events. This program will be implemented in 2022.

Calhoun County collected appliances during two events, held two electronics collections, held three scrap tire cleanup collections, and assisted with the cleanup of illegally dumped tires. Tire events were funded through the EGLE Scrap Tire Cleanup Grant. in 2021.

2021 Numbers at a Glance

tons collected tons MRC tires collected

C&C Landfill Recycling Center Program
From January through early November, the C&C Landfill recycling center served as our main recycling center. Residents can continue to request passes from the Solid Waste Program or their local unit of government to use the recycling center for free. This center is single stream and open 6 days a week.

loads passes  

Clarence Township Recycling Center Changes
In November, the Clarence Township Recycling Center changed vendors. The only program change is that the recycling roll-off no longer accepts glass. Glass recycling is available at the C&C Landfill recycling center and the Marshall Recycling Center.

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It is the mission of the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office, Law Enforcement Division, to prevent and investigate crime, maintain public order, enhance the public safety and provide quality services so that citizens perceive the county as safe and feel minimally affected by crime. This will be achieved through innovative leadership, partnerships with citizens, and by empowering employees.

2021 Retirees
The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office’s exemplary service to the public is possible because of the dedication and integrity of our staff. Thank you to these individuals who have offered years of service to law enforcement or corrections, ensuring the safety of our community and the highest standards of the Sheriff’s Office.

Total dispatch calls for the Sheriff's Office Total calls by type of incident

  • Animal complaint: 747
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct: 85
  • Domestic Trouble: 833
  • Larceny: 414
  • Motorist Assist: 307
  • Other Person Trouble: 807
  • Peace Officer: 346
  • Property Damage Accident: 1253
  • Suicidal Subject: 264
  • Welfare Check: 761


Three K9 Teams conducted 5 demonstrations and participated in 2 school searches due to Covid 19 closures. The Marine Division had 1 boat accident case, 3 people/cases of search and rescue/recovery, as well as 731 safety checks. The ALURT Dive team recovered 2 bodies, performed 3 searches for evidence, conducted 12 training, and participated in 2 Homeland Security Events.
k 9 marine dive


The Secondary Road Patrol Traffic Unit
has two secondary road patrol deputies,
who conducted 886 traffic stops.
  2021 Statistics Deputy Weberling
  • Citations Issued 748
  • Verbal Warnings 185
  • Criminal Arrests 45
  • Traffic Crashes Investigated 119
  • Property Damage Accidents 96
  • Personal Injury Accidents 14
  • Fatal Accidents 9

Calhoun County Corrections is responsible for courthouse security.
2021 Courts Security
  • 49,964 members of the public screened
  • 4,679 hours in district and circuit courtrooms
  • 113 arrests
2020 Courts Security
  • 45,792 members of the public screened
  • 3,127 hours in district and circuit courtrooms
  • 155 arrests
2019 Courts Security
  • 201,866 members of the public screened
  • 4,259 hours in district and circuit courtrooms
  • 672 arrests

Message from Sheriff Steve Hinkley
2021 was a busy and unexpected year for us, especially as we continued to protect and serve Calhoun County residents, while also managing COVID-19 in the jail and amongst staff. Every division of the Sheriff’s Office overcame challenges and resiliently provided services for residents. I am very proud of our staff who exceeds expectations and ensures the operation of the entire Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office, regardless of the division, is successful.
In the year ahead, we hope to continue this strength, identify additional ways we can help residents of Calhoun County, and make adjustments where feasible to keep expenditures down. We will work hard to ensure that Calhoun County is a safe place to live, work, and visit. As Sheriff, I will empower our staff to be professional and responsive to the needs of our residents and provide the leadership to overcome whatever obstacles we face in 2022.

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Despite being the authority to collect property taxes, the Calhoun County Treasurer's Office works hard to minimize foreclosure of property, working with individuals to ensure property taxes are paid but in a way that the taxpayer can manage. Hardship extensions in 2021 prevented 122 properties from being foreclosed. 

Dog Licenses can be purchased and renewed at the Treasurer's Office Total hardship extensions granted in 2021. The Treasurer's Office put 77 of the foreclosed properties back on the tax roll by selling them at our auction.
dog licenses hardship properties sold