Communications Annual Report

Communications 2020 Annual Report
2020 Numbers at a Glance
After Calhoun County leaders decided to establish a Joint Operations Center for COVID-19 response, we needed a way to communicate as that entity, using communications infrastructure that already existed. We used the County's Constant Contact email service to distribute briefings and press releases from the JOC. These numbers reflect that growth in our email newsletter communications.
At-A-Glance Numbers Regarding our Emails
Total communications sent in 2020 Calhoun County's average open rate in 2020 (industry average is 25%) Email list growth
Communications_1 Communications_2 Communications_3

On March 11, Calhoun County launched its brand new website (which you are currently reading)! This was a desperately needed improvement for county government, and was a tremendous support during COVID-19 response to ensure we could keep our website a reliable source of information. 
Total pageviews since the website launched
Top 10 pages based on pageviews
covidcommunicationsCOVID-19 Adjustments
As a Public Information Officer for the county's COVID-19 response, much of the Communication Manager's time shifted to crisis communications—preparing briefings to be sent, answering media/public questions, and discussing other ways to share critical public health measures. Communications infrastructure established before the pandemic allowed the county to communicate regularly with the public and ensure accurate information was shared via our website. 

Visit for information about our countywide COVID-19 response, including a video produced to show the partnerships that made it possible.

2020 Successes
Launching the website was a massive achievement. The project took over a year to complete and is leaps and bounds more useful than the previous website and content management system. 

Communications were an integral part to promoting the 2020 Census. In addition to a plethora of print and digital resources and even (safe) in-person events, we also produced a 30-second video which aired on the local news. This video was designed to show how Census data directly impacts local services.