Digital Resources

The Calhoun County Broadband Task Force and its Digital Equity Subcommittee are interested in learning about internet support services that community anchor institutions offer to the public. A survey was developed to reach out to organizations and gather information. This list continues to grow. Contact the County at to add more resources to this list. 

The goals of the survey are to help the Broadband Task Force:
  • Compile and share a directory of resources for help accessing and using the internet,
  • Assess where there are internet support resources lacking within our community, and
  • Identify partners who will help to fill these digital equity gaps.

Below, you will find digital resources organized by categories such as access to public computers, public wifi locations, printing services, and more. 
Printable version is available here

Access to Public Computers

Public Wifi Locations

Printing Services

Phone App Support

Digital Literacy Training

Career Readiness

College Readiness

Workplace Development

Legal Form Assistance

Public Assistance Program Enrollment Assistance

Home Broadband Internet Subscription Assistance

How to Use the Internet Assistance

Community Tech Support

Telehealth Support/Assistance