2019 Elections

November 5, 2019 Special Election
Voter Information
Michigan Voter Information Center : verify your Voter Registration, See your Sample Ballot, track your Absentee Ballot.
Steps to Getting Registered in Michigan
Information for Military and Overseas Civilian Voters

Ensuring and Securing your Vote 
Voter Identification Requirement in Effect
Election Day Voter Information
Polling Locations for November Special Elections
New Rights for Michigan Voters

              Notice of Registration - Albion City (Albion Recorder 10/3/19)
              Joint Notice (Marshall Advisor 10/05/19)
              Notice of Election - Albion City (Albion Recorder 10/24/19)
              Joint Notice (Marshall Advisor 10/26/19)

Requesting an Absent Voter Application/Ballot
Absent Voter Ballot Application
Absent Voter Application Fillable Form   
Absent voter Application Large Print Form
 Federal Post Card Application Form - Military and Overseas for AV Application & Ballot 
Federal Voting Assistance Program - Federal Post Card Application Instructions
Requesting an Emergency Absentee Ballot

August 6, 2019 Special Election

June 3, 2019 Calhoun Intermediate School District election
May 7, 2019 Special Election
Voter Information
Notice of Registration - Burlington Village (Hometown Gazette 3/27/19,
Battle Creek Shopper 3/28/19, and Marshall Advisor Chronicle 3/30/19)     
Joint Notice of Registration - Battle Creek Shopper 3/28/19

Notice of Election - Burlington Village (Hometown Gazette 4/27/19,
Battle Creek Shopper 4/25/19, and Marshall Advisor Chronicle 4/27/19) 
Joint Notice of Election - Battle Creek Shopper 4/25/19

New rights for MI Voters  (Register to voter through Election Day; Vote early)

Registration and Absentee voting up to 8p Election Day

  • Ballot Proposals (click HERE for all proposal language)
      Emmett Charter Township - Local Road Improvement Bond Proposal
      Leroy Township - Road Improvements Bond Proposal
      Burlington Village - Proposal to Restore Authorized Operating Millage
      Climax-Scotts Community Schools - Operating Millage Renewal Proposal
      Hastings Area School System - Bonding Proposal
  • Precincts and Polling Locations for the May 7, 2019 Special Elections