Local Clerk Resources

Candidate Packets for 2020
Election Day Materials

Affidavit of Lost or Stolen AV Ballot
* AVCB Poll Book: Page 10, Page 11, Page 12
* Regular Poll Book: Page 12
* Emergency AV application
ICP 5.5 Operations Guide
ICX 5.5 Operations Guide
* ICC 5.5 Operations Guide
* Managing Your Precinct on Election Day Flip Chart, New
Precinct List Cover Page, and notes
Precinct Supply Resources
* Setting up and Using VAT at Clerk's Office and on Election Day
* Mandated Ballot Marking Instructions (Primary page 2)
Canvasser Checklist
* Election Day Voter Information poster
Election Day Change of Address/Authorization to Transfer Voter Registration
* Utilizing a Help Desk
Important Dates to Remember
ICP and ICX Easy Opening and Closing reminders
Preliminary and Public Accuracy Test Instructions
ICX Step-by-Step Testing Instructions
Receiving Board Oath and Certificate; BoE PPT;  Information
Determining the Validity of Ballot Markings
Transfer Container Certificate
 * Seals:  
               Properly Sealing Containers
               Sealing Process for New Voting Systems
               Election Day Transfer & Ballot Storage Containers with Seals (pages 72-74)
* Voter Registration: Changes, Last 14 Days ppt, Election Day, Other, Handling Missing VR, Same Day Registration,
             County Notice to Voters,   Stay Safe Vote from Home flyer, Registration within 14 Days of Election Day 
Clerk Phone # form