Local Clerk Resources

November 2nd Specific:
Special Election Information/Details
* Mandated Ballot Marking Instructions (Special Election page 5)
* ICP Preliminary and Public Accuracy Test Instructions
* ICP Test Deck Chart
* ICX Step-by-Step Testing Instructions
* Important Dates for Election Inspectors to Remember 
* Final Preparation Reminders

Other Important Election Day documents:

* Protocols in Event of COVID-19 Exposure
Polling Place Safety and Accessibility Guidelines 
*  Election Day Emergency Response Plan Template
Voters who are hospitalized or quarantined
Emergency Appointment of Election Workers
Election Emergency Response Guide
* Open Carry of Firearms at Polling Places on Election Day
* Campaigning in Clerks' Offices During AV Ballot Issuance  
* Registration within 14 Days of Election Day

Absent Voter Applications:
MVIC Online AV Ballot Application Guide
    * Receiving and Printing Online AV Applications

Equipment Resources:  
YouTube Videos ~  ICX Setting Up and Opening the Polls;  Voting on the ICX;   Accessible Voting on the ICXPowering Down the ICX; Full Video 7:26;   ICP Opening and OperatingTime Adjustment Instructions for ICP and VAT
Documents ~  ICP 5.5 Operations Guide;  ICX 5.5 Operations Guide;   ICP & ICX Opening/Closing reminders

Election Day Materials

Affidavit of Lost or Stolen AV Ballot
* The Appointment, Rights and Duties of Election Challengers and Poll Watchers
* AVCB Poll Book: Page 10, Page 11, Page 12
* Regular Poll Book: Page 12
* Emergency AV application 
* EPB Tips:  Tips for Success (9/17/19); Bypass WinZip (.30); Forgot to Extract (.58);  Saving Backup to Locked Flash drive (1:12); Saving Backup to Wrong Location (.33); Unable to Record AV ballots (.38);  Don’t Spoil an AV Ballot in EPB (1:01)
* ICP 5.5 Operations Guide
ICX 5.5 Operations Guide
* ICC 5.5 Operations Guide
* Managing Your Precinct on Election Day Flip Chart
* Precinct List Cover Page (11/02/21), and notes
Precinct Supply Resources
* Setting up and Using VAT at Clerk's Office and on Election Day
Canvasser Checklist
* Election Day Voter Information poster
Election Day Change of Address/Authorization to Transfer Voter Registration
* Utilizing a Help Desk
* ICP and ICX Easy Opening and Closing reminders
* Receiving Board Oath, Receiving Board Certificate; BoE PPT;  Information, Checklist
Determining the Validity of Ballot Markings
Transfer Container Certificate
 * Seals:  
               Properly Sealing Containers
               Sealing Process for New Voting Systems
               Election Day Transfer & Ballot Storage Containers with Seals (pages 72-74)
* Voter Registration: Changes, Last 14 Days ppt, Election Day, Other, Handling Missing VR, Same Day RegistrationCounty Notice to Voters (11/02/21),   Registration within 14 Days of Election Day 
Clerk Phone # form

Candidate Packets for 2020
Local Candidate Filings and Petition Refresher information
Local Candidate Filings Powerpoint Presentation
Accepting Petition filings for August 2020
Filing Checklist:  Township Officials
Filing Checklist:  City Officials
Filing Checklist:  Village Officials
Township Officials' Information letter
Township Library Board Information letter

Consolidated Election Instructions & Absentee Ballot Transmittal Form