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Freedom of Information

The County's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request system has changed effective 3/04/19.  Please use this link on the County's webpage to access the FOIA Request Online Portal.

You will need to establish a User Name and Password, and will be prompted to do so the first time you visit the site.  Contact Shana at 269.781.0966 with your questions.

Calhoun County Board of Commissioners FOIA Policy Statement 233

If you choose not to use the FOIA Portal, this FOIA form can be used to make your request. Complete this hard copy form, scan, and email, mail or fax to the Elections Office (all contact information is listed at the top of the form).

Precinct Delegates
Challengers vs. Poll Watchers
Recall Information

Summary of Key Points
Recall Law link; PDF file
Recall Process
Signature Requirement Request Form
Clarity/Factual Hearing Instructions (State Board of Canvassers)
Campaign Finance refer to PAC requirements

Albion City Pct. 3 Council Member Recall Effort (Sonya Brown)
  *  Press Release
  *  Public Notice of Clarity/Factual Review Hearing
  *  Language filed on 2/25/19
  *  Summary of Details - Call of Election 7/16/19
  *  Agenda for Hearing
  *  Determination of Election Commission (language approved)
  *  Order Denying Out of County Appeal, 4/30/19
  *  Conclusion:  a special recall election was held 11/05/19. Official Results were certified 11/07/19:   Candidate Al Smith received 220 votes, Sonya Brown received 124 votes. 

Albion City Pct. 5 Council Member Recall Effort (Jeanette Spicer)
  *  Press Release
  *  Public Notice of Clarity/Factual Review Hearing
  *  Language filed on 4/12/19
  *  Summary of Details - last updated 8/05/19
  *  Agenda for Hearing
  *  Determination of Election Commission (language approved) an appeal was not made by deadline
  *  Conclusion:  only 130 signatures of the 177 filed were valid, thus this effort is 9 signatures short of
      the 139 required to effect a recall.  As of 8/05/19 the sponsor and officeholder were notified that
      there will be no recall election.

Burlington Township Clerk, Treasurer and Trustee Recall Effort (Darlene Mack, Susan Mack, Bill Brenner)
*  Press Release
*  Public Notice of Clarity/Factual Review Hearing
*  Language filed against Burlington Township Clerk Darlene Mack
*  Language filed against Burlington Township Treasurer Susan Mack
*  Language filed against Burlington Township Trustee Bill Brenner
*  Summary of Details - as of 8/06/19
*  Agenda for Clarity/Factual Hearing, 5/30/19, 11:00a
*  Determination of Election Commission D.Mack (language approved)
*  Determination of Election Commission S.Mack (language approved)
*  Determination of Election Commission B.Brenner (language approved)
*  Conclusion:  signatures were not filed by the 8/02/19 filing deadline; recall effort will cease.

Albion City Mayor Recall Effort (Dave Atchison)
  *  Press Release
  *  Public Notice of Clarity/Factual Review Hearing
  *  Language filed on 6/12/19: Petition #1Petition #2
  *  Summary of Details - last updated 6/26/19
  *  Sponsor M.Craig withdrew 6/25/19; recall effort will cease.

Political Party Information

Calhoun County Republican Party Committee:  Chairman Jeannie Burchfield,
e: Chair@CalhounCountyGOP.com, address: Republican Party Headquarters (Battle Creek Area Association of Realtors Building), 7100 Tower Road, Battle Creek, MI  49015. 
Website: Facebook.com > CalhounCountyRepublicanCommittee
Meetings held fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm.
Questions ... call Mrs. Burchfield at 269.924.7326.

Calhoun County Democratic Party:  Chairman Beth Kelly,
e: micalhoundems@gmail.com  address: PO Box 1654, Battle Creek, MI  49016-1654. 
Democratic Party Headquarters, 8 W. Michigan Avenue, Battle Creek, MI  49017.
Website:  MiCalhounDems.com
Questions ... call Ms. Kelly at 269.224.1226.

Election Inspectors Needed!

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