37th Judicial Circuit Court

Mission Statement:

To resolve legal matters by providing timely, fair and just service to all.

Security Provisions:

Security Policy for Court Facilities, individuals entering the Courthouse are to abide by the following:
No weapons or cutting instruments are allowed in the Justice Center. 

Circuit Court Jurisdiction:

Calhoun County is the 37th Judicial Circuit and has four Circuit Court Judges. The Circuit Court has jurisdiction over:

  • Criminal felony cases; maximum punishment of over 1 year of incarceration
  • Domestic relations matters (family law)
  • Juvenile matters
  • Adoptions
  • Child protective proceedings
  • Name changes
  • Emancipations
  • Personal Protection Orders
  • Parental Consent Waivers
  • General civil actions involving claims of $25,000 or more
  • Appeals from the District Court and administrative agencies of state and local government boards.

Contact Information:

161 E. Michigan Ave
Battle Creek, MI 49014

Circuit Court Clerk’s Office: 269-969-6518
Circuit Court Administration: 269-969-6523

Judicial Staff:

Judge John A. Hallacy                    

Judicial Secretary, Melissa Harris                                (269) 969-6759
Court Services Officer, Crystal Watson                      (269) 969-6507

Judge Brian K. Kirkham                 

Judicial Secretary, Christy Woodard                        (269) 969-6529
Court Services Officer, Jesus Florez                           (269) 969-6515

Judge Sarah S. Lincoln                  

Judicial Secretary, Penny Shaw                                 (269) 969-6502
Court Services Officer, Amanda Gregorie               (269) 969-6503

Judge Tina Yost Johnson                             

Judicial Secretary, Gail Duckworth                           (269) 969-6510
Court Services Officer, Danyl Schweickert              (269) 969-6511