Bondspersons List

The list of bondspersons is maintained by the Circuit Court and reviewed at least annually pursuant to statute. The list will be furnished to anyone in custody without a recommendation.

Application for prospective bondspersons:
Agency Cover Sheet
Application for Bondspersons with Insurance
Application for Bondspersons with Property

MCL 750.167b(4) requires: "A typewritten or printed list, alphabetically arranged, of all persons engaged in the business of becoming surety upon bonds for compensation in criminal cases within the county, shall be posted in a conspicuous place in each police precinct, jail, prisoner's dock and house of detention and in every other place in which persons in custody of the law are detained, and 1 or more copies thereof shall be kept on hand. The list shall be compiled annually by the judges of the circuit court of each circuit, and the names of persons engaged in the business of becoming surety upon bonds for compensation shall be added to the list by the judges upon proper application. When any person who is detained in custody in any such place of detention requests any person in charge thereof to furnish him the name of a bondsman, or to put him in communication with a bondsman, the list shall be furnished to the person so requesting, without recommendation, and the person in charge of the place of detention within a reasonable time shall put the person detained in communication with the bondsman selected and, contemporaneously with the transaction, make in the blotter or book of record kept in any place of detention a record showing the name of the person requesting the bondsman, the offense with which the person is charged, the time at which the request was made, the bondsman requested, and the person by whom the bondsman was called, and preserve the same as a permanent record in the book or blotter in which entered."