Drug Treatment Court

Men's Drug Treatment Court
Presiding Judge: Hon. John A. Hallacy

Women's Drug Treatment Court
Presiding Judge: Hon. Sarah S. Lincoln


The Calhoun County Drug Treatment Court is a problem-solving court for adults with a drug or alcohol addiction charged with a felony.

Eligible participants receive support as they undertake the challenges associated with recovery. Many participants were unsuccessful in previous recovery efforts. With the court’s authority and the personal attention, the success rates are impressive.

Upon completion of all four phases, the participant will graduate and experience a new beginning in their lives.

Drug Court is a long-term program that is worked in phases. This treatment court is unique because participants face immediate consequences, including short-term jail stays, if they violate the terms of their program. Participants learn from each other as they share their experiences in bi-weekly court sessions. Treatment teams assist participants in dealing with many issues they face during recovery to enable them to remain drug-free during and beyond the program.

The data shows that drug court graduates are significantly less likely to find themselves involved in the criminal justice system than other similar people who have not completed the program.

Hallmarks of the Program

  • Treatment
  • Drug testing
  • Bi-weekly court sessions
  • Support groups
  • Individual case manager meetings
  • Employment assistance
  • Education
  • Personal finance training
  • Life skills training