Juvenile Division

Juvenile Probation Services
Juvenile Probation Services focuses on providing the support and treatment juveniles need to safely remain in the community. Unlike adult probation, the focus of services is to provide support and structure rather than punishment. The goal for all juvenile offenders is to teach appropriate behavior, address any home or school problems and keep kids at home with their parents.
Juvenile probation officers have several program options to assist kids with their journey. The programs aim to keep kids in their homes, but the Calhoun County Juvenile Home provides a local out-of-home option when the risk is too great at home.
Working under the supervision of Probation Services Manager Phil Amsterburg, the five probation officers oversee an average of 20 juveniles each. 
Probation officers often meet with kids at school and use relationships with the schools to encourage good behavior and study skills. 
The length of probation varies, depending upon the nature of the underlying crime, the number of times the juvenile has been in court, and the compliance with program services. 

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