Local Administrative Orders

Number Name Effective Date
1988-3 Civil Contempt Proceedings  05/01/88
1988-6 List of Bondpersons  09/01/88
1988-8 Providing Approved Forms to Litigants and Attorneys  11/01/88
1989-9 Criminal Case Presentence Report Disclosure and Availability  10/01/89
1990-1 Regular Terms of Court  01/12/90
1992-3 Summoning Jurors for Court Attendance  08/26/92
1993-2 Designation of Appellate Assisgned Counsel Local Designating Authority  01/15/93
1993-6 Imprest Cash Accounts  04/01/93
1993-7 Mediation Division of Friend of the Court Office  04/01/93
1993-9 Data Systems Security  04/01/93
1993-11 Preservation of Court Reporter Records  04/01/93
1993-12 Friend of the Court; Authorized Representatives/Agents  04/01/93
1993-24 Proceedings of Referee Hearing  07/01/93
1993-30B Establishment of Central Jury Pool  10/01/93
1993-33 Assigned Judge Clerk  12/01/93
1994-3 Fixing Hours of Court Operations  08/01/94
1994-11 AZ Order Fixing Place for Sheriff's Sales  02/15/94
1996-2 Inter-Court Information Access  11/01/96
2000-02J Waiver of Jurisdiction Over Civil Infractions Committed by Juveniles  01/05/00
2003-02 Review of Proposed Orders/Judgments by Friend of the Court  01/15/03
2003-09J Order Regarding Appointment and Compensation of Court-Appointed Counsel  01/01/04
2004-04 Order Establishing Criteria for Appointment of Confidential Intermediaries  
2005-01 Plan for Remote Hearings on Support and Parenting Time Enforcement Act Bench Warrants  
2006-01J Circuit Court Arraignments  03/01/06
2008-01J Preliminary Examination Transcripts  04/01/08
2008-03J Court Holidays - Calhoun County Trial Courts  01/01/09
2009-01 Defining "Reasonable Cost" for Purposes of Friend of the Court Enforcement of Health Care Coverage  10/01/08
2010-02 Order for the Establishment of a Drug Treatment Court  09/01/10
2010-03 Order Implementing Surcharge Provisions of Public Act 193 of 2009  01/01/11
2011-02 Order Regarding Cases Involving Children Absent from Court-Ordered lacement Without Legal Permission  
2011-03J Access to Juror Questionnaires  05/01/11
2011-04 Subpoenas for Friend of the Court Custody and Parenting Time Investigators  06/01/11
2011-05 Friend of the Court Investigation Expenses  06/01/11
2011-09J Waiver of Fees in Criminal Case Appeals from District Court  11/01/11
2012-3J Inter-Court Judicial Assistance  04/01/12
2013-06 Business Court  
2013-08J Amended Calhoun County Concurrent Jurisdiction Plan  
2013-10J Language Access Plan  
2014-02 Appointment of Juvenile Non-Attorney Referee  09/15/14
2014-06 Access to Friend of the Court Records  01/01/15
2015-02J Unscheduled Court Closing in the Event of Weather Emergency  03/01/15
2015-03 Appointment of Family Division Attorney Referee  03/12/15
2015-04 Appointment of Family Division Attorney Referee  03/12/15
2015-06 Appointment of Family Division Attorney Referee  03/27/15
2015-08 Appointment of Family Division Attorney Referee  03/27/15
2015-011 Caseflow Management Plan  06/22/15
2015-13J Order for the Establishment of Mental Health Treatment Court Program  10/08/15
2015-14J Requests for Accommodations by Persons with Disabilities  01/01/16
2015-162 PZ Standing Order Authorizing Department of Corrections to Provide Presentence Investigation Reports to Appellate Counsel in Criminal Appeals  
2016-03JC Access, Inspection, Reproduction, and Creation of Court Record  09/01/16
2016-05 Court Divisions; Assignment of Judges to Divisions  01/01/17
2016-06 PZ Sheriff Attending Sessions of Court, Custody of Persons Appearing in Court and Custody of Remanded Persons  
2017-02 Order Adopting Local Alternative Dispute Resolution Plan  08/01/17
2017-03J Order Adopting Family Court Plan  01/23/20
2017-05 Case Assignment Order  01/23/20
2018-01J Security Policy for Court Facilities  09/20/18
2018-02 Appellate Assigned Counsel System  11/01/18
  In the Matter of Designation of Circuit and Probate Court Administrators  09/27/17
  2018 Order Recinding Obsolete LAOs  
2020-01J Courts Response to Coronavirus Pandemic and the Closure of Facilities 03/16/20
2020-02J Friend of the Court Bench Warrant Resolution for Arrested Child Support Payers During COVID-19 State of Emergency  03/18/20
2021-01J Plan to Return to Full Capacity - Phase 2 (Forward) 02/09/2021
2021-02J Plan to Return to Full Capacity - Phase 3 (forward) 03/05/2021
2021-03J In-person Jury Proceedings During COVID Pandemic (RESCINDED) 03/09/2021
2021-04J Plan to Return to Full Capacity - Phase 2 (Return) 04/06/2021
2021-05J In-Person Jury Proceedings During the COVID Pandemic 04/07/2021