Arrears Management Program

Job Training and Employment Services for Child Support Payers:
Calhoun County is partnering with the Michigan Office of Child Support and Michigan Works!
Child support payers who have a case in Calhoun County may be eligible for additional free employment services from Michigan Works! to help gain and keep a good paying job.  If you are accepted into the program, and while you remain in the program, Calhoun County Friend of the Court can work with you to see if your child support is set appropriately; can review your case to determine if you have child support arrears owed to the State and if they qualify to be reduced or forgiven, and/or whether enforcement actions can be put on hold while you are completing the employment program.  If you are interested, please call (269)969-6500 and ask to be referred to your Enforcement Officer for more information about the GEMS program.  

GEM Program Participation Handout

GEMS participant handout

Arrears Management Program:

The Michigan Office of Child Support (OCS) offers a program to help certain payers reduce state-owed child support debt (arrears). This program does not apply to arrears owed to 1) the other parent or other custodian of the child/ren for child support; 2) for reimbursement of Medicaid expenses, 3) birth/confinement expenses; or 4) statutory service fees.

If you are interested in participating in or learning more about this program, please review the answers to the frequently asked questions below.

If you believe may be eligible, contact the Calhoun County Friend of the Court at (269) 969-6500 so that we may review your case to determine whether you have any eligible arrears owed to the State.

What authority does the Friend of the Court have in reducing or compromising some or all of the arrears owed to the State of Michigan?

Which State owed arrears may qualify for reduction?

Why is the State of Michigan authorizing reduction of arrears in some situations?

How do I know if I qualify for one of the plans?

Will I have to complete a separate application for each case I have?

What criteria have the State of Michigan set for reviewing these applications?

Will I be required to provide additional information to the Friend of the Court other than what is stated on the application?

If I don't qualify for the arrears reduced program, are there other programs?

Does my bond, tax intercept, or lien/levy on an asset or account count as a lump sum payment if qualified for that program?

How long will it take to for the Friend of the Court to determine if I am eligible for either program?

Do I have to continue to pay my support and arrears while I am waiting for a decision?

How are people notified about this program?

What if I have a warrant for child support? Will that prevent me from participating?

Where can I find or obtain forms?