Establishing Child Support

If you are new to child support, the complexities of the program can seem overwhelming. This short video provides an overview of how the system works. Please note that in Michigan your local office, as mentioned in the video, is your local Friend of the Court office. In Calhoun County, the Friend of the Court does both the legal work (that had previously been assigned to the Prosecuting Attorney prior to October 1, 2022) to start a new case, as well the the work of enforcing any court orders after the court has ordered one party to pay child support to the other. Click here for the Spanish version.

The Calhoun County Friend of the Court works in partnership with the Michigan Department of Human Services (MDHHS) Office of Child Support to establish paternity and/or child support obligations for families in Calhoun County. If your case is referred to the Calhoun County Friend of the Court by MDHHS, a Friend of the Court Staff Attorney will file the court case on behalf of the State of Michigan to establish paternity and/or child support. The Friend of the Court Staff Attorney does not represent any individual party in the court case as it relates to disputed issues of custody, parenting time, or child support.

If you are receiving cash, food, medical or child care assistance, you must cooperate with child support services or risk losing access to those benefits. Instead of having to applying for child support services, benefit recipients will receive a letter from MDHHS's Office of Child Support with detailed instructions for you to follow.  These instructions will tell you how you may use the online Child Support Response form to provide the requested information online at the MiChildSupport website. If you have not received a letter from the Office of Child Support within three months of your public assistance case opening, call 1-866-540-0008.

If you are not currently receiving public assistance, you may apply for child support services on line, any day or time, at the MiChildSupport website or you may print, complete and mail the IV-D Child Support Services Application/Referral - DHS-1201 form.

Once you have a child support order, you can view your child support case information and account activity like payments and balances at on the MiChildSupport website, much like you would an online bank account.

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