Youth Center Improvements

On August 11, 20youth center design 123, the Calhoun County Youth Center held a Groundbreaking ceremony to kick off the start of a $13 millionrenovation that will improve safety for residents and staff, as well as enhancing the environment to increase restorative potential for residents.

Building improvements include:

  • All resident activities will take place on the main level; no stairs required for youth movement around the facility
  • Thoughtful design will improve sightlines from master control to all areas of the main level
  • Podular residential areas provide designated space for cohort activities, while minimizing resident movement around the facility
  • New design incorporates natural lighting and even virtual skylights, which makes the environment more calming
  • Updated security cameras and building communication systems, plus replaced mechanical systems ensure staff have the resources they need
  • Additional space will ensure more purposeful use of spaces where the residents are admitted, visit with family, or have medical appointments

Renovations will expand the building's footage from 15,117 square feet to 29,941 square feet, increase capacity from 42 beds to 52 beds. Seventy-two percent of the existing building will be completely replaced.

Click on the date below to see photos of the construction.

December 2023

August 11, 2023 Groundbreaking