Parks Millage Allocation Overview

2021 Parks Millage Allocations Overview
2021 is the first year of the Calhoun County Parks Millage. The millage is formatted so that every municipality can accept an allocation based on its population size. Every municipality accepted their 2021 allocation. Municipalities were required to submit a form certifying that their funds are going towards expanding the quality of parks in our community and are not being used to take the place of existing municipal park funding. Furthermore, the governing bodies of these municipalities provided minutes or a resolution approving the submission of the form.

How are allocated funds being spent? 
PARKS Municipal Project Graph

Parks Millage - Allocation Amounts and Plans
Cities spending their 2021 allocation
City of Albion - $21,416.56; Albion City Council adopted resolution 2020-43 to authorize the expenditure of up to $10,000 to support repairs and maintenance of the Victory Park tennis and basketball courts. The City of Albion is also in the process of updating the current 5-year Parks and Recreation Master Plan. The remaining funds will rollover to be utilized for a project in 2022
City of Battle Creek - $130,204.61; For the construction year 2021, these funds have been designated for linear path improvements including replacement and overlay of existing pavement, trimming of the tree canopy, updating ADA ramps, and replacement of railing
City of Marshall - $17,597.77; The City of Marshall will use the allocated millage funds for maintenance and repairs to the community Riverwalk. The Riverwalk needs new deck boards and fencing in many areas damaged by fallen limbs. Structural repairs will be addressed along with dead tree limbs and leaning trees
City of Springfield - $13,084.44; The millage funds will be used to replace split rail fence and sign board at Begg Park. In addition to these capital improvements, a portion of funds will be used to purchase and install heavy-duty rubber parking blocks at the park. Any remaining funds will be put towards the construction of a dog park at Rothchild Park

Townships spending their 2021 allocation:
Clarence Township - $4,936.54; Adding a pavilion for the public to better utilize township property near the township hall
Clarendon Township - $2,832.97; Exploring adding a parking lot at their park, sand to be put on the bank of the pond, trash service, flagpole, and a walking path around the park
Convis Township - $4,067.73; Expanding its playground with mulch, sidewalks, and landscaping
Leroy Township - $9,223.33; Removing the existing asphalt in entrance and parking area at Graham Lake Boat Launch
Marengo Township - $5,501.64; Building a parking lot for the pavilion
Marshall Township - $7,759.55; Working with Marshall Public Schools to make improvements and undertake maintenance at the school system owned Grever's Nature Center
Sheridan Township - $4,814.56; Working with the City of Albion to be use funds in Victory Park on a new flagpole

Villages spending their 2021 millage allocation:
Village of Athens - $2,546.69; Exploring a kayak launch dock for the mill pond in the park along the river. No estimate has been established yet for the project. The village is planning to work with Athens Township on the project and use their millage allocation towards the project
Village of Homer - $4,147.39; Repairing the asphalt trailway

Townships in the planning stages and are holding their 2021 allocation:
Albion Township - $2,793.14
Athens Township - $3,798.87; Ideas include replacing picnic tables at the village park, clearing a kayak path in Nottawa Creek, and adding Wi-Fi in the village park
Bedford Charter Township - $23,293.59; Holding funds to be used as DNR grant match
Burlington Township - $4,177.26; Working with Village of Burlington to develop a project
Eckford Township - $3,238.75
Emmett Charter Township - $29,300.58; Developing a parks master plan
Fredonia Township - $4,042.83; Discussing a lease or purchase with a landowner adjacent to the township hall
Newton Township - $6,343.07
Pennfield Charter Township - $21,934.36; Exploring clearing a portion of the Battle Creek River
Tekonsha Township - $2,307.70

Villages in the planning stage and holding their 2021 millage allocation:
Village of Burlington - $649.74
Village of Tekonsha - $1,782.43

Interested in more? Click here to see each municipality's request for millage distribution, as submitted to the Calhoun County Parks Department in 2021