Crime Victims Unit

Phone (269) 969-6944
Staff Molly Boles, Victim Unit Coordinator
  Kelly Jo Fournier, Victim Services Assistant
  Jacquelyn Kinner, Victim Services Assistant
  BreAnna Gibson, Victim Services Assistant
  Kelsey Kipp, Intern Victim Services Assistant

Victim Rights Brochure

To ensure fundamental rights for crime victims, the Crime Victims' Rights Act was signed into law in 1985. This Act established protections in statute law for victims. At a higher level, however, the Constitution continued to list a number of important rights for the criminal defendant, but not one specific right for the victim. Then the people of the State of Michigan overwhelmingly approved the constitutional amendment on November 8, 1988 and it became Article I, Section 24 of the State Constitution on December 24, 1988. Crime victims in Michigan now have the most complete legal rights in the country, finally bringing long overdue balance to a system which had previously been heavily weighted toward the criminal.

In Calhoun county, your local county prosecutor's office has a Victim's Unit. The employees of this unit will help you through the court process by informing you of your rights under the Crime Victim Rights Act; by giving you names of agencies you can contact for help; and by being in court with you for support. You may reach the Victim's Unit by calling (269) 969-6944.

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