COVID-19 Recycling Updates

Please note as our county, state, and nation adjusts to the ongoing pandemic, that recycling options may change and events may need to be canceled or rescheduled. 

The Marshall Recycle Center will reopen on Tuesday, July 7

New hours:

  • Tuesday and Thursday from 12 PM to 3 PM
  • Wednesday from 9 AM to 12 PM
  • Third Saturday of the month from 9 AM to 3 PM

How we will keep people safe:

  • Staff will be wearing PPE
  • Recyclers must wear a mask while their vehicle is unloaded
  • Recyclers must remain in their vehicle
  • All recycling must be placed in the farthest position available in your vehicle (trunk area or truck bed)

New requirements:

  • Volume limited to what would fit in a 96-gallon curbside cart
  • Recycling needs to be sorted
  • Recycling should be placed in a non-returnable container (bag or box)
  • Containers that weigh more than what one employee can lift, will be left in your vehicle

We anticipate that these changes will remain in effect at least through the summer months; however, they will be re-evaluated and adjusted as necessary.  Staff will be practicing social distancing, wearing PPE, and will be following guidance for increased hand washing/hand sanitizer use.  You may experience a longer wait time which is why we are limiting the volume of material each resident can bring per trip and asking residents to put items in containers they do not want returned at this time. 

Click here for what items are accepted at this time

Other COVID-19 Recycling Updates for Calhoun County
Republic Services will continue recycling services at the C&C Landfill recycling center at this time. The center is available Monday through Friday 7 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., and Saturday 7 a.m.-noon. It is important that you do not have contamination in your recycling. In order to follow social distancing, material recovery facilities, that sort recycling, have needed to reduce their staff numbers. This means our residents need to follow the recycling guidelines to help us continue to offer recycling. Do not leave any boxes or bags on the ground. We need to work together to keep this service available and protect landfill and recycling staff.

Recycling changes: 
The Albion Recycling Center is closed.

Recyclerama on April 4 has been cancelled. 
May 2 HHW
May 9 Scrap tire collection

Events rescheduled: 
A HHW collection is now scheduled for 10 a.m.-Noon, Oct. 24, at the Toeller Building, Battle Creek 
Sept. 26 HHW will now run from 9-1
Athens Scrap Tire collection is booked for September 9
Albion electronics and scrap tire is booked for October 10
The Tekonsha scrap tire collection is postponed, and a new date will be announced once it is finalized.

Other recycling options: 
GFL also operates a drop-off recycling facility in Battle Creek located at 15160 6 ½ Mile Rd. It accepts paper, cardboard, books, and tin cans. This center is open 24/7. 

Bottle deposit containers:
Currently, some stores are not accepting bottle returns. You have already paid your deposit on those items, so if you would like to get your deposit returned, you will need to hold onto those items until the stores start accepting bottle returns again. Stores will continue collecting bottle deposits while bottle returns are not available. If you do have recycling available at this time, those containers can be recycled; however you will loose your deposit.