2021 Construction Season

2021 Construction Season Projects

Click here for an interactive map of the 2021 Construction Season

Below, listed by township, is the Calhoun County Road Department's 2021 construction season projects. These projects are in addition to the Emmett Township Local Road Project, which is in its second year. Visit the Emmett Township Local Road Project website for an interactive map on the program's progress. Want more? Sign up for Administrator/Controller Kelli Scott's bimonthly reports, which include updates about CCRD engineering and operations.

Please note that this list is subject to change throughout the season.

Albion Township

Athens Township

Bedford Township

Burlington Township

Clarence Township

Clarendon Township

Convis Township

Eckford Township

Emmett Township

Fredonia Township

Homer Township

Lee Township

Leroy Township

Marengo Township

Marshall Township

Newton Township

Pennfield Township

Sheridan Township

Tekonsha Township