Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is responsible for picking up litter and debris from the roadside, (i.e. mattresses, garbage, furniture, etc.)?

Can you remove a dead deer in the road?

There is a dead deer on the side of the road in my yard next to my mailbox.  Will you please remove it?

I called two weeks ago.  Why hasn't my road received maintenance?  What is your schedule to grade the roads?

The gravel road I live on is a muddy mess. Can you do something to fix this? 

My gravel road is very dusty. When do you treat the gravels for dust control?

How do you determine in what order to plow the roads?

I shoveled my driveway and a road department plow came by and filled the end of it with snow. 

Can your drivers lift up the plow blade while they pass my driveway?

Why do plows push the snow off the road onto the shoulder, only to return to the same road?

I have an emergency; how do I get my road cleared immediately?

I've seen snowplows driving along during snow events with their plows raised. Why are the drivers not salting or have their blade down?

What do I do if a snowplow knocked down my mailbox?

Why are you cutting down trees on my road?

The grass along the roads is getting tall.  When will you be mowing the roadsides?

The trees looked hacked up after you had someone go through there to remove the brush. 

Overgrown brush is making it difficult for me to safely exit my driveway. Will CCRD come out and remove this brush?