Reporting a pothole, downed tree, or other road related issue has just gotten easier in Calhoun County. CCRD is taking resident interaction to the next level with the implementation of MiCCRD, a resident request management system.

Through MiCCRD, all resident service requests will be logged, routed, and managed electronically. Residents can submit their own service requests, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, by using our website, the MiCCRD app, or by calling our office.

With MiCCRD, each entry is automatically assigned a ticket number and routed to the division responsible for handling the request. Residents can choose to be notified by phone, email or text, that their service request has been received. An additional notification will alert the resident when the issue has been addressed.

“MiCCRD allows the Road Department to generate a variety of reports to track the progress of service requests,” said Christopher Bolt, CCRD Managing Director. “This application enables us to measure performance, reengineer processes, and improve resource allocation and budgeting.”