Pothole Patching

A top priority for the Calhoun County Road Department is to address potholes for the safety of our traveling motorists. Each summer we begin a focused, systematic approach to pothole patching as soon as the hot mix asphalt plants open for the season. A combination of county employees and contractor crews allows us to cover entire townships one at a time, on every single road, to maximize efficiency and minimize mobilization costs.  We consider overall road conditions of each township to determine the sequence of patching and aim to cover all 19 townships within just a couple of months. In addition to this systematic patching plan, the County continuously addresses pothole complaints and all other service requests deemed to be imminent safety concerns. Learn more about the pothole-filling process below. 

Every Wednesday, information about pothole progress is posted on the CCRD Facebook page.

2023 Order of Pothole Patching: 

Crews have completed all townships for patching. Patching in various areas will be conducted as needed.

The following townships have been completed as part of the 2023 pothole patching program: 
Tekonsha Township
Burlington Township
Homer Township
Clarendon Township
Eckford Township
Albion Township
Leroy Township
Newton Township
Lee Township
Clarence Township
Sheridan Township
Marengo Township
Athens Township
Fredonia Township
Marshall Township
Convis Township
Bedford Township
Pennfield Township
Emmett Township

If you're concerned about a pothole near you or any road problem, you can submit a service request.

Did you know!? Potholes edition
Michigan has exceptionally bad pothole seasons due to the freeze and thaw cycles that we experience especially at the end of the winter. The Calhoun County Road Department sees calls for pothole patching increase in March, which persists until potholes are filled countywide. We know that potholes are a major problem on some of our roads and are dedicated to ensuring our roads are safe to drive on.

Pothole patching is somewhat limited early in the season before Hot Mix Asphalt plants open in our area. This year, Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) plants didn't open until late April. Before then, road agencies, including the Calhoun County Road Department, are limited to using Cold Mix Asphalt in the potholes, which is not a permanent solution and does not work as well as HMA. That's why the CCRD countywide pothole patching program does not technically begin until after HMA plants have opened; prior to that, cold mix is used by CCRD crews in the worst potholes that appear.

Once HMA plants open, Calhoun County Road Department uses contractor and staff road worker crews to tackle potholes township-by-township. Starting in the townships where potholes are the worst and addressing every single road, we typically have at least six crews filling potholes every day in the spring and early summer. These crews patch potholes until every township and every road is addressed, which sometimes takes until June or July. This website will be updated weekly until all townships in Calhoun County are addressed.