Minimum Service Standards

All services and programs receiving funding from the  Calhoun County Senior Millage must comply with the general requirements found in the ALL SERVICES document.

ALL SERVICES  (Click for full service standard)

Adult Day Care provides social activities and medical monitoring for seniors in need of daytime supervision. Income limits apply.

Adult Day Care  (Click for full minimum service standard)

Bed Bug Remediation assists senior homeowners with treatment for bed bugs. Income limits apply.

Bed Bug Remediation  (Click for full minimum services standard)     

Benefits Counseling provides assistance to individuals in understanding their eligibility and applying for available health and prescription benefits through Medicare and Medicaid.

Benefits Counseling  (Click for full minimum service standard)

Community Care Options provides homemaking assistance, meal preparation, and non-medical personal support. Income limits apply.

Community Care Options  (Click for full minimum service standard)

Dental Services includes the provision of dentures, extractions, fillings, and other dental services. Income limits apply.

Dental Services  (Click for full minimum service standard)

Guardianship Services help seniors in need of assistance managing their personal and financial affairs, and who have been appointed a guardian by the probate court. Income and asset limits apply.

Guardianship Services      (Click for full minimum service standard)

Handy Helper provides simple home maintenance to senior homes. Income limits apply.

Handy Helper    (Click for full service standard)

Hearing Services provides assistance to seniors with the costs associated with hearing tests and acquisition of hearing aids. Income limits apply.

Hearing Services     (Click for full minimum service standard)

Home Heating Assistance assists seniors in paying past due heat-related utility bills. Income limits apply.

Home Heating Assistance   (Click for full minimum service standard)

Legal Services provides legal advice and representation. Legal advice is available to all seniors, while legal representation has income limits.

Legal Services  (Click for full minimum service standard)

Meals - Congregate Dining Sites are available to any senior throughout the County.

Meals - Congregate Meal  (Click for full minimum service standards) 

Meals - Home-delivered meals provide nutritious meals to home-bound seniors.

Meals - Home Delivered   (Click for full minimum service standand)

Minor Home Repair provides repairs for senior homeowners for health and safety maintenance of their homes. Income limits apply.

Minor Home Repair   (Click for full minimum service standand)

Money Management provides one-on-one assistance with finances to help maintain independence. Income limits apply.

Money Management     (Click for full minimum service standard)

Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) provides frail seniors with a personal electronic device for emergencies. Income limits apply.

Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)    (Click for full minimum service standard)

Prescription Assistance provides access to free and low-cost medications for seniors. Income limits apply.

Prescription Assistance Program     (Click for full miminum service standard)

Ramp for Accessibility provides senior homeowners with a ramp built to make their home more accessible. Income limits apply.

Ramps for Accessibility               (Click for full minumum service standard)

Senior Center Operations and Support provided for the operations of senior center(s). Current funding is provided for Heritage Commons Senior Enrichment Center in Marshall and the Forks Senior Center in Albion.

Senior Center Operations       (Click for full minimum sevice standard)

Senior Fitness & Fun provides seniors the opportunity to participate in health education, exercise, health screenings and monitoring at sites throughout Calhoun County.

Senior Fitness & Fun   (Click for full minimum service standards)  

Transportation Services provides county-wide transportation for medical, work, nutritional and recreational trips: Monday-Friday. Advanced notice is needed as soon as possible to schedule your ride.

Transportation Services   (Click for full minimum service standard)

Vision Services assists seniors with the costs associated with eye exams and the acquisition of eye glasses.

Vision Services   (Click for full minimum service standards)

 For information, please contact Calhoun County Senior Services - 269-781-0846