Annual Reports

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It is the mission of the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office, Law Enforcement Division, to prevent and investigate crime, maintain public order, enhance the public safety and provide quality services so that citizens perceive the county as safe and feel minimally affected by crime. This will be achieved through innovative leadership, partnerships with citizens, and by empowering employees.

2021 Retirees
The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office’s exemplary service to the public is possible because of the dedication and integrity of our staff. Thank you to these individuals who have offered years of service to law enforcement or corrections, ensuring the safety of our community and the highest standards of the Sheriff’s Office.

Total dispatch calls for the Sheriff's Office Total calls by type of incident

  • Animal complaint: 747
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct: 85
  • Domestic Trouble: 833
  • Larceny: 414
  • Motorist Assist: 307
  • Other Person Trouble: 807
  • Peace Officer: 346
  • Property Damage Accident: 1253
  • Suicidal Subject: 264
  • Welfare Check: 761


Three K9 Teams conducted 5 demonstrations and participated in 2 school searches due to Covid 19 closures. The Marine Division had 1 boat accident case, 3 people/cases of search and rescue/recovery, as well as 731 safety checks. The ALURT Dive team recovered 2 bodies, performed 3 searches for evidence, conducted 12 training, and participated in 2 Homeland Security Events.
k 9 marine dive


The Secondary Road Patrol Traffic Unit
has two secondary road patrol deputies,
who conducted 886 traffic stops.
  2021 Statistics Deputy Weberling
  • Citations Issued 748
  • Verbal Warnings 185
  • Criminal Arrests 45
  • Traffic Crashes Investigated 119
  • Property Damage Accidents 96
  • Personal Injury Accidents 14
  • Fatal Accidents 9

Calhoun County Corrections is responsible for courthouse security.
2021 Courts Security
  • 49,964 members of the public screened
  • 4,679 hours in district and circuit courtrooms
  • 113 arrests
2020 Courts Security
  • 45,792 members of the public screened
  • 3,127 hours in district and circuit courtrooms
  • 155 arrests
2019 Courts Security
  • 201,866 members of the public screened
  • 4,259 hours in district and circuit courtrooms
  • 672 arrests

Message from Sheriff Steve Hinkley
2021 was a busy and unexpected year for us, especially as we continued to protect and serve Calhoun County residents, while also managing COVID-19 in the jail and amongst staff. Every division of the Sheriff’s Office overcame challenges and resiliently provided services for residents. I am very proud of our staff who exceeds expectations and ensures the operation of the entire Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office, regardless of the division, is successful.
In the year ahead, we hope to continue this strength, identify additional ways we can help residents of Calhoun County, and make adjustments where feasible to keep expenditures down. We will work hard to ensure that Calhoun County is a safe place to live, work, and visit. As Sheriff, I will empower our staff to be professional and responsive to the needs of our residents and provide the leadership to overcome whatever obstacles we face in 2022.

For the Full 2021 Sheriff's Office Annual Report
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2020 Calhoun County Sheriff's Department Annual Report

Numbers at a Glance

Total dispatch calls for the Sheriff's Department Total calls by type of incident
  • Animal complaint: 634
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct: 109
  • Domestic Trouble: 820
  • Larceny: 386
  • Motorist Assist: 244
  • Other Person Trouble: 742
  • Peace Officer: 315
  • Property Damage Accident/Unknown Accident: 1,109
  • Suicidal Subject: 235
  • Welfare Check: 651
CCSD's three K9 units were called to 93 total incidents  
Sheriff_2 Sheriff_3

In 2020, there were 7 fatal crashes in Calhoun County.

Calhoun County's jail saw 6,252 total bookings in  2020, which was down 38% from the previous year. 

Total 2020 bookings Total inspections by state or federal agencies Total meals served in the jail
Sheriff_6 Sheriff_4 Sheriff_5

Calhoun County Corrections is responsible for courthouse security. In 2020, time spent doing these duties were lower than 2019 due to COVID-19 protocols and reduced in-person hearings. 

2020 Courts Security  2019 Courts Security
45,792 members of the public screened 201,866 members of the public screened
3,127 hours in district and circuit courtrooms 4,259 hours in district and circuit courtrooms
155 arrests 672 arrests

covidsheriffCOVID-19 Adjustments
Most significant about the Calhoun County Sheriff's Department's COVID-19 response was impressive unified coordination of law enforcement agencies countywide. This Reciprocal Law Enforcement Agreement was designed to ensure law enforcement will work together to provide services countywide in case of any reduction of force in an agency, for any reason. In 2020, this agreement also led to unified communications regarding enforcement of Executive Orders.

2020 Successes and Accomplishments
Sheriff Steve Hinkley was appointed to the role in April 2020 after Former Sheriff Matt Saxton took on a job with the Michigan Sheriff's Association. Steve Hinkley had worked at the Calhoun County Sheriff's Department for almost 30 years under five sheriffs, holding roles ranging from road patrol to detective. Read the press release about his appointment. Hinkley was then voted Sheriff in the November 2020 election.

Summit Pointe, Calhoun County's mental health agency, completed a fourth class of Crisis Intervention Team training for local law enforcement officers, including Sheriff's deputies. In CIT training, these deputies learned how to meaningfully respond to situations in which individuals are experiencing behavioral health crises. Read a Facebook post about the 2020 training, including agencies involved and helping organizations.

An arrest was made in the investigation of the homicide of Alison Sargent, after a 3-month investigation by the Major Crimes Task Force. This investigation involved multiple agencies. Watch the press conference, which was streamed to Facebook.

In 2020, the Calhoun County Sheriff's Department Victim Services Unit continued its work helping law enforcement, fire and emergency services personnel during the initial trauma when an accident or death takes place. This unit assists with death notifications and provides support to the family.

Calhoun County Sheriff's Deputies participated in various goodwill events, especially in December. The annual Shop with a Cop event looked different, as it was held outside due to the pandemic, but officers from various agencies participated. Also, Calhoun County Sheriff's Deputy Picketts and Battle Creek Police Department Sgt Fickle delivered gifts to a Battle Creek family in Operation Blue Santa.