Fee Schedule

Effective 6/1/24 the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office Civil Process Division will be using MiFile for ALL District Court cases. We will file the proof with the courts and there will be a copy provided to you from MiFile. There will be a $5.00 charge for this that will be included with your invoice. Also, any services received via email that need to be printed and assembled will be charged $.50 per page (front/back).

We are trying to mainstream the process to provide your office a more time efficient and effective way of handling your civil process needs. With our office filing the proof directly with the courts there will be less lag time from time of service to getting it to the courts.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out. Click here to learn more about MiFile. 

Fee Schedule

Law enforcement & jail records——Fees allowed under the Freedom of Information Act.
Notary——$5 - permits to purchase
Personal Records Check——$2

Civil Process

Mileage - $1.005 per mile  (Calculated Round trip from Justice Center in Battle Creek)
PPO - $40 no mileage costs
Motion to Modify PPO - $40 no mileage costs
Hearing or Hearing on Violation of PPO - $26 PLUS mileage
Subpoena - $26 plus mileage
Affidavit and Claim - $26 plus mileage
Summons and Complaint - $26 Plus mileage
Mortgage Foreclosure Postings* - $26 plus mileage
Misc. paper service - $26 plus mileage
Claim and Delivery -$40 plus mileage
(Additional costs for Deputy Supervision and/or tow fees involved in repossession)
Adjournments – $8
Postal Verification - $10
Bad Address - $10
Each Address Verification - $10
Service By Mail - $10
Order of Eviction Posting* -$40 plus mileage
(Additional costs for Deputy Supervision and removal crew)

Deputy Supervision rates:
15 minutes - $9.73
30 minutes - $19.46
45 minutes – $29.19
60 minutes - $38.92

MiFile Fee $5
Printing Fee - .50 per page

Pay Civil Process Fees