Hazard Mitigation Committee 

Hazard Mitigation Plan Oct. 2023 Draft for Review

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requires an approved Hazard Mitigation Plan to allow access to certain streams of grant funding.  The plan must be reviewed and updated every five years to determine hazards faced by the community and to identify proposed hazard mitigation projects that will reduce potential impacts from those hazards. Examples of projects that have been completed by some communities include building storm shelters, adding warning sirens, and purchasing and demolishing or relocating homes that have suffered repetitive flood damage.

Calhoun County continues to prioritize planning equity, recognizing that disparities in health outcomes, financial capabilities, and living conditions exist within the county.  As part of a whole community approach, we actively encourage any historically underserved or impacted communities to participate int the planning and decision-making processes.

Comments about this draft of the Hazard Mitigation Plan should be submitted in this survey, https://publicinput.com/b2407.

Questions about this process can be sent to Lt. Chris Young by email Cyoung@calhouncountymi.gov or by phone 269-969-6430.