Inmate Correspondence

Beginning Sept. 1, 2023, all regular inmate mail will now be processed at an off-site facility, and then viewable on tablets that are available for the inmates. 
To send mail to an inmate, please send it to: 
Calhoun County Correctional Center Michigan
Inmate Name and Inmate Identifier
P.O. Box: 247 Phoenix, MD 21131

Mail marked clearly as "Legal Mail" from a bona fide Law Firm will continue to be processed on site. In these cases, Legal mail will be opened in the presence of the inmate/detainee and then searched for contraband.

Legal mail should be sent to, 
"Inmate/Detainee Name"

185 East Michigan Avenue
Battle Creek, Michigan 49014-4066

Inmate/Detainee Information: (269) 969-6303**
Inmate/Detainee Visitation: (269) 969-6313


** It should be noted that the only information permissible to be given the public concerning an inmate/detainee is whether he/she is lodged and what the bond amount will be.

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