Staff Resources

Investigation Complaints

The Office of Staff Resources is also charged with investigation complaints from citizens about the conduct of deputies assigned to either the Corrections Division or the Law Enforcement Division. This may be done by completing a Citizen Complaint Form (PDF) or by completing the Online Citizen Complaint Form.

Send the completed Citizen Complaint Form (PDF) to the attention of Sheriff Steven Hinkley at the following:

Sheriff Steven Hinkley
Calhoun County Sheriff's Office
161 E. Michigan Avenue
Battle Creek, MI 49014
Phone: (269) 781-0943

Fax: (269) 969-6470

The CCSO is a PREA compliant facility under Public Law:  108-79 (Prison Rape Elimination Act), MCLA 750.520B, MCLA 750.520C.  PREA allegations can be reported to  (269) 781-0911.   An annual PREA report is available upon request through the Corrections Division Training Coordinator.