Juror Orientation Guide


Welcome to the Calhoun County jury system. We want to assure you that your participation is the basis of our democratic system. Under the Constitution a U.S. citizen is given certain rights; the right to a jury trial is one of those rights. We appreciate that you have made yourself available for possible selection as a juror.

You were selected at random, in accordance with state law, from a list of Calhoun County residents who possess a driver's license and/or a personal identification card.

Jurors are important and necessary participants in our justice system. Legal disputes (cases) often will not actually go to trial (to be heard by a judge or jury), because citizens are prepared to participate as jurors - sitting and waiting in the jury room. A jury panel that is ready to hear a case can motivate all parties involved in a dispute to reassess their risks and claims.

You are asked to perform one of the highest duties that can be imposed on any citizen, and that is to sit in judgment of facts on cases which will resolve civil disputes or determine the guilt or innocence of persons charged with crimes.

As a juror, your function is to listen to the evidence produced during the trial and decide the case on its merits by applying the judge's instructions, as opposed to deciding the case based on sympathy or prejudice.

Please understand although most lawyers, prosecutors and judges are friendly folks, you may not have any private contact or conversations with them during the course of the trial.

It is the Court's hope that these few introductory remarks will serve to put you at ease. We trust and hope that you are sufficiently impressed with the importance of jury duty and our democratic system.


1. Review brochure.
2. Welcome and view orientation video.
3. ROLL CALL - Please check in as you arrive.
4. Await instructions.

Call-In Procedures

The Calhoun County jury system uses a telephone answering system to inform jurors if their services are required for a particular day. Please call every weekday evening after 5:00 pm. If you are calling from Athens, Battle Creek, Bellevue, Marshall, or any phone where a Battle Creek number is not long distance please call 969-6527. If 969-6527 is long distance, then call us at (800) 385-5926.

When you call, a recording will advise you whether your panel should report the following day. PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR PANEL LETTER which is located on your summons in the upper right-hand corner under "PANEL".

Should you be selected for a trial, you will follow the instructions of the judge presiding over the trial.


ROLL CALL - occurs in the Jury Assembly Room #452. In case of any family emergency or illness, please notify the Jury Clerk at (269) 969-6527. If you need work slips for your employer, one will be processed for you at the end of each day in the Jury Assembly Room.

COURT HOURS - are from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

PARKING - is available at the Calhoun County Justice Complex parking lot. Please enter the parking area off Division Street (M-66) between John Patterson Way and Van Buren Street. Handicap parking is available in this lot. Please use the front entrance to the building.

Entrance to the building subjects you to a search by Sheriff Department personnel. Weapons, including pocket knives, are prohibited from the building. Cell phones are also prohibited.

COMPENSATION - You will be paid a fee of $12.50 per half day and $25.00 per first full day of jury service and $20.00 per half day and $40.00 per full day for each subsequent day of actual attendance, plus round trip mileage between your home and the Calhoun County Justice Center at the rate of $0.10 per mile. You should receive your check approximately four (4) weeks after your service. Checks are mailed to the address on your summons. If this address is incorrect, please notify the Jury Clerk.

COFFEE - is provided in the Jury Assembly Room. Pop and/or snacks may be brought to the Jury Assembly Room provided you have a jury card which can be obtained from the Jury Clerk on your first report day. Food and/or beverages are not allowed in the courtrooms.

RESTROOMS - are located outside the Jury Assembly Room, next to the elevators in the main hallway.

EMERGENCY - In case of an emergency, you are to talk to the Jury Clerk or the Court Service Officer/ Bailiff for the judge assigned to the case. Your family may reach you by calling the Jury Board Office at (269) 969-6527.

DRESS - Clothing such as shorts, cutoffs, T-shirts, etc., are not recommended. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS KEEP YOUR PERSONAL BELONGINGS WITH YOU.

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