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Calhoun County Planning
315 West Green Street
Marshall, Michigan 49068
Phone (269) 781-0817
Hours 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday - Thursday
8:00 am - 12:00 pm Friday
Consultant Jennifer Bomba, Community Development Director


The Calhoun County Planning Department is intended to provide a public service while assisting the local units of government within Calhoun County on land use issues. Planning at the county level provides an avenue for long-range, regional development plans in accordance with the best interests of the county and provides the materials necessary (data, maps, charts, etc.) to accomplish these tasks. The County Planning department strives to build and maintain effective relationships with the planning officials at the local level.

The Calhoun County Planning Commission

The Calhoun County Planning Commission (CCPC) is a seven member board appointed by the County Board of Commissioners to consider land use on a county-wide perspective. Specific duties of the CCPC include, but are not limited to, review of township amendments to planning and zoning policy; comprehensive land use planning through development of a County Master Plan; and functioning as a resource to all local units of government regarding planning and zoning information.
The CCPC meets on the fourth Monday of the month at 4:00 p.m. in the Planning Office.

Remonumentation Program

The Remonumentation Program is a statewide effort to recover or reestablish every section corner in the State of Michigan. The Calhoun County program began in 1993 through the use of state funds made available to the County. With the completion of 2009, there have been approximately 2,200 land corners remonumented in Calhoun County. Calhoun County section corner monuments are used every day by surveyors and engineers as new developments are designed, land is sold, highways are planned, etc. For more information contact the planning department at 269-781-0817 or Bob Carr, County Representative, at 269-963-7778.
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