Criminal Cases and Payments

All criminal cases prosecuted within the county of Calhoun are started at the 10th District Court.

The 10th District Court processes misdemeanor cases from arraignments through sentencing; and felony cases, from arraignment through preliminary exam.

A few key terms:

  • Arraignment: Defendant is advised of charge, advised of possible penalties, bond is set and a plea may be entered.
  • Bond: The amount of money for or condition of pretrial release from custody set by either a judge or magistrate at a defendant's initial court appearance.  The purpose of bond is to ensure a defendant's return to court for further proceedings.
  • Pre-Trial: The prosecutor and defendant talk about the case and a defendant's options regarding trial.
  • Preliminary Exam: A district court judge determines based on evidence whether there is probable cause to believe a crime was committed and that the defendant committed the crime
  • Probable Cause: Having more evidence for than against; reasonable ground for belief in certain alleged facts.
  • Sentencing: The final step in the legal process, a penalty is applied by a judge for someone who is convicted of, or pleads guilty to a crime.

Criminal cases have penalties of fines and /or jail or prison time.

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