Online Case Review

Online Case Review allows you to ask the Court to electronically enter your plea of guilty without having to come to court for a pretrial or trial.  Once you make the request, the Court will make decisions about your case using the same considerations as they would if you had appeared in person. 
Your request is submitted to a magistrate or judge and is either accepted or denied by a magistrate or judge.  The magistrate and judge are making decisions about your case using the same criteria they would if you had appeared in person.
The Court recognizes that there may be several reasons why it is a hardship for an individual to appear in court.  Online Case Review takes away those barriers.
Only certain misdemeanor offenses are eligible for Online Case Review.  To discover whether your offense is eligible, click the link below.  Once you enter your name, you will be shown all of the cases that you have with the 10th District Court.  An individual may have multiple cases.  Be sure to select the correct case that you would like considered for Online Case Review.
If you have other questions, once you click on the link, there is a Frequently Asked Questions section for you to review.  You may also call the Court directly with questions.

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