The probation department conducts pre-sentence investigations and makes recommendations to the judges on which sentence is most appropriate for a particular offender. If an offender is placed on probation, a probation officer will supervise the probationary period, monitor compliance and develop a treatment plan.

The department also has an Intensive Probation Program for repeat offenders and offenders with substance abuse problems. The goal of the program is to provide the Calhoun County Criminal Justice System with an alternative to incarceration, focusing on the specific problems of and addressing the issues of the "repeat offender" allowing the offender to work on his/her substance abuse problem, rather than stay in jail.

District Court Probation Department monitors the SAENO Program (Substance Abuse Education for New Offenders) which is an educational program for first time minor in possession offenders.

Additionally, the District Court Probation Department has monitored a long standing Community Service program that allows offenders an opportunity to work community service hours if they are unable to pay their fine and costs.


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