General Information

Click here to see our FOC Approvals brochure.

At this time, these requests are the only forms that can be submitted for approval via email. Any other forms submitted via email will not be processed.

To obtain FOC approval for your divorce paperwork, you will need to submit a Judgment of Divorce, Uniform Child Support Order and a signed Judgment Information Form.

You can find the latest SCAO approved version of the Uniform Support Order and Judgment Information Form here.

Please do not send your original forms for approval. The documents received by the Friend of the Court are filed with the Circuit Court Clerk with the FOC approval. You will only get the documents that you submit back if the FOC objects to entry.

Please make sure the Judgment Information Form you submit is signed and dated.

Please allow at least a week for the FOC to review your paperwork. 

If you would like help completing forms, try There's an online "interview" and once you answer the questions, it will help you print the Judgment.

If you need help with the Michigan Child Support Formula, please go to the MiChildSupport website. Click on the Calculate Child Support button. You will use that information to complete your Uniform Child Support Order.

If you are deviating from the Michigan Child Support Formula, you must check the box on the Uniform Support Order and include the deviation addendum.

Judgments that involve children must include the Inalienable Rights of Children provision. A basic example paragraph can be found here.

If your hearing is being heard before a referee, you need to have Interim Effect/Right to Judicial Hearing language or a waiver of notice.

Not all parenting time provisions are enforceable by the FOC. If your order states that parenting time is "as the parties agree", the FOC cannot enforce it. The FOC will not object based on that, but there is a box on the approval that is checked to make you aware that FOC cannot enforce.

If neither party has ever been on assistance, one of the parties will need to sign a IV-D Application. You can find one here. Title IV-D of the Social Security Act gives the FOC the power to enforce court orders. If neither party has been on assistance and we have no IV-D application, the FOC cannot enforce the order.

 At the very end of 2012, MCL 722.27a was amended to include a prohibition on exercising parenting time in a nation that is not party to the Hague Convention. It was effective immediately and ALL parenting time orders must contain the required language.Here is the suggested language.

To submit your request for approval via email, please use the following address:


Stipulated Motion & Order to Credit/Discharge Arrears

If you are filing a Stipulated Motion to Credit Arrears, both Plaintiff and Defendant must sign it. If a third party is involved, that party must also sign. If both parties have not signed the motion, the FOC will object. 

Opting Out of FOC Services

If you are opting out of FOC services, you must file a signed Advice of Rights and include your motion/order to opt out of FOC services.

If you owe arrears you cannot opt out.

If you or the other party receive Cash Assistance, Medicaid or Food Assistance, you cannot opt out of FOC services. 


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