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What is the Fetal and Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) program?

The Fetal and Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) program is a community approach to improving the health of underserved women and infants through improved access to and enhanced utilization of perinatal, prenatal, and related services.

How does FIMR work?

Through individual case review, FIMR examines the social, economic, cultural, health, safety, and system issues related to infant death and determines local factors upon which perinatal and prenatal health system intervention improvement can be based.

By using data to identify factors associated with infant death, the FIMR program is able to provide recommendations for policy development and systems change that address these factors and reduce the rate of death in our most vulnerable population.

What is the value of FIMR?

Infant mortality rates are often used to compare the health and well-being of populations across and within countries: a low rate of infant mortality typically signifies a healthier population. Calhoun County’s infant mortality rate remains higher than the State of Michigan’s rate. The three-year (2010-2012) average rate was three times higher for African Americans (22.1) than for Whites (6.4).

Community Partners

Maternal and Infant Health Commission

The Maternal and Infant Health Commission (MIHC) serves as the community action team for FIMR. The goal of the MIHC is to see all babies be born healthy and to thrive. This group works to improve the health of women of childbearing age, improve prenatal care, and reduce infant mortality.

The MIHC researches the causes and factors associated with infant deaths in Calhoun County. Given the findings, strategies for healthy births and healthy babies are:

  • Improve the health of women of childbearing age (preconception care)
  • Ensure access to prenatal care
  • Decrease unintended pregnancies
  • Prevent pre-term deliveries and low birth-weight births
  • Increase awareness of infant safe sleep practices
  • Increase awareness about the facts of breastfeeding

Infant Safe Sleep Coalition (ISSC)

Sleep-related deaths from suffocation/asphyxia, or unsafe sleep environments, are the most easily preventable infant deaths and are the focus of coalition efforts. ISSC’s goal is for every baby to sleep in a safe environment.

The Calhoun County Infant Safe Sleep Coalition instituted a campaign to educate parents, healthcare providers, and the community about safe sleep practices.

Breastfeeding Coalition

The goal of the Breastfeeding Coalition is to increase awareness about the facts around breastfeeding allowing women to breastfeed without barriers, health care providers empowerment to support breastfeeding, and access to appropriate lactation support services. This group works with Calhoun County businesses and employers on being breastfeeding friendly.




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