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Child takes a hearing screening with CCPHD staff

The Calhoun County Public Health Department continues offering required hearing and vision screenings for children living in and attending school in Calhoun County, including home-schooled children.

The goal is to promote hearing and vision ability in children through early identification and referral for treatment. Hearing and vision screenings and referrals are provided by appointment and in clinics offered in many settings. Vision screening of pre-school children is conducted by certified staff at least once between the ages of three and five years, and school-age children are screened in grades 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, or in conjunction with driver training classes. Children are screened for hearing ability at least once between the ages of three and five years and every other year between the ages of five and 12 years to prevent permanent repercussions of hearing impairment by the application of appropriate treatments.
Hearing and vision screenings are available to ALL children at no cost.
According to the State of Michigan, Public Health Code, Act 368, all children registered for the first day of school must present to school officials a certificate of vision testing or screening or statement of exemption. Screenings may be administered by a Calhoun County Public Health Department technician, a licensed medical or osteopathic physician, or a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist. One vision screening or exam must be performed between age three and the first day of Kindergarten.
Calhoun County Public Health Department technicians will be available to screen children at most of the county’s Kindergarten Round-ups, hosted at the schools. Children who receive their required screening at that time will not need to be seen in the office over the summer.
For more information on the CCPHD childhood hearing and vision screening program, call (269) 969-6389 or click here.
Parents, for more information on Michigan hearing and vision programs, click here.
Physicians, for more information on Michigan hearing and vision programs, click here. 
Referral form for Hearing Screening found here
Referral form for Vision Screening is found here.
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