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Pet Preparedness in a Disaster


Make a Plan

Disasters can happen without warning. Click here to be sure your pets are prepared for such events.

Sheltering in Place

When sheltering at home with your pet, make sure the room chosen is pet-friendly.

Sheltering Your Pet During an Evacuation

Click here for information on sheltering your pet during an evacuation.

Prepare a Pet Disaster Kit

Prepare a disaster kit for your pets so evacuation goes smoothly for your entire family. Click here for a checklist to get you started.

Protect Yourself from Injury and Illness

Disasters are stressful for humans and pets alike. Practice safe handling of your pet, because your pet may behave differently during a stressful situation.

To avoid common diseases that pets can transmit to people.

  • Wash your hands before and after handling your pet and its waste
  • Wash your hands right after handling pet food or treats
  • Avoid letting your pet lick your face or hands

For more information on preparedness and what you can do, visit:



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