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As part of CCPHD’s licensing procedure, CCPHD reviews restaurant plans. The purpose of the program is to assure that all newly constructed or remodeled food service establishments have adequate equipment and facilities allowing for safe and sanitary food service as required by federal, state, and local regulations. 
Services available through the plan review program include:
  • Consult on equipment/facilities required for your remodeling or new construction
  • Provide assistance in the development of employee hygienic practice guidelines
  • Offer Food Safety and Certified Manager classes
  • Plan Review Documents and Food Establishment Plan Review Application are necessary for all new construction and major remodeling. Contact the Environmental Health office at 269-969-6341 with questions.
  • Provide pre-opening inspection packet 
The following is the Plan Review Process for restaurant owners: 
  • Owner(s) completes a Plan Review Application and returns to CCPHD with:
    • Proposed menu
    • Set of plans drawn to scale
    • Specification sheets on all major equipment pieces
    • Food handling plan that includes H.A.C.C.P. based recipes, standard operating procedures, temperature log sheets, etc.
    • Processing fee (fee is dependent upon completion of proposed menu as determined by CCPHD)
    • A certified person-in-charge is required for all Calhoun County food service establishments. Information on food class schedules and education classes offered is available online.
  • The application is processed within 30 days and a disposition letter will be provided to the owner.
  • Construction begins with periodic CCPHD visits during the process.
  • Construction is completed and a pre-opening inspection is scheduled.
  • Once CCPHD successfully completes a pre-opening inspection, the owner must complete a license application and submit to CCPHD with license fee. Fee is determined by CCPHD based on risk and type of operation.
  • Contact the CCPHD for the application. 
Congratulations, you are in business!
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