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"...working to enhance our community's total well-being by promoting healthy lifestyles, protecting health, and preventing disease."


Calhoun County School Wellness Program


A Program of the

Calhoun County Public Health Department.

Advancing the well-being, academic, and life-long achievement of students by providing a community-based, family-centered, prevention-oriented service that promotes the health of school-aged children.

What do School Nurses do?

  • Triage student health concerns
  • Assess physical, mental, and emotional issues
  • Provide primary healthcare to students and staff including first aid and chronic condition care
  • Manage school healthcare services
  • Teach students to manage their own healthcare concerns
  • Provide school/community health education to help develop healthy lifestyles
  • Write emergency and individualized health care plans
  • Act as advocates for our students
  • Provide immunizations
  • Oversee unlicensed personnel medicine administration
  • Administer emergency medicaion for conditions such as diabetes, seizures, allergies, and anaphylaxis
  • Perform health screenings including Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Provide referrals for outside agencies
  • Provide a safe and healthy environment for all students at school

The goal of the school nurse is to build and maintain a healthy school community by implementing strategies that promote student, staff, family, and community health and safety thereby improving the likelihood that students are both physically and emotionally prepared for school.

Program Essentials

  • Each student must have a signed Consent for Treatment on file to access health care provided by the school nurse
  • All health records are confidential. Review CCPHD Privacy Notice
  • Parents are notified of health concerns when appropriate
  • Administration of immunizations require a signed Immunization Consent in addition to the Consent for Treatment form
  • Administration of medication at school requires a completed Medication Administration Authorization form signed by the medical provider
  • School nurse hours and contact information:
    • Please see individual school sites for nurse schedule and hours


Healthy Children Learn Better

School Nurses Make It Happen


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