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What happens when I arrive at the Calhoun County Justice Complex?

Parking is available at the Calhoun County Justice Complex parking lot. Please enter the parking area off Division Street (M-66) between John Patterson Way and Van Buren Street. Handicap parking is available in this lot. Please use the front entrance to the building.  PLEASE NOTE: Do not park in the City Hall or the Haven parking lots.  You may be towed/ticketed if you do.  Overflow parking can be found on either side of Fire Station #1 on Michigan Avenue
People entering the courthouse must pass through metal detectors and may be searched.  Purses, briefcases, or other containers may also be searched.  Weapons are prohibited in the courthouse facility.  Follow the link for detailed information about court security.

The Calhoun County jury coordinator updates information every evening for the following day's activities.

We will contact you by phone, email or text the evening before you are to report using our new Interactive Voice Response system (IVR).

In addition, you may visit our website after 5:00 pm the evening before your jury term begins and continue until your jury terms ends.  You MUST have your 10-digit Candidate ID and your Group Number available.

Should you be selected for a trial, you will follow the instructions of the judge presiding over the trial.
Report to the Jury Assembly Room (4th floor, Room #452).  You must present your Juror Badge every day when reporting.  It is located on the top portion of your questionnaire.  The badge is important since it indicates to people in the courthouse you are a juror and they should not expose you to any information about the cases on which you may serve.
After everyone is checked in, you will receive orientation from the jury clerk which includes a short video describing the jury selection and trial process. 
There is an old saying that "those also serve who sit and wait."  This is especially true for jury service.  There are many cases set for trial on the day you're called for jury duty.  While you are waiting in the assembly room, the judges, lawyers, and litigants are attempting to settle those cases without the expense and delay of a jury trial.  Often the mere presence of jurors encourages an agreement that avoids a prolonged trial.
During this wating time, however, we must prevent any interaction which could prejudice the pending trials.  To protect the integrity of the system and to prevent mistrials, you must stay in the assembly room unless excused by the jury clerk (you may not sit in or wander in the hallway).  Do not talk to anyone other than court staff or other jurors, as it may be an attorney, witnesses or litigants who are present in the courthouse for a trial.
We will try to make your waiting as comfortable as possible.  Coffee, water and reading material are provided.  If you have a medical necessity that requires you to eat or drink at certain times during the day, please notify the jury clerk.  Food/beverages are not allowed in the courtrooms proper.
An approximate one hour lunch break will be provided.  Lunch will be at your own expense unless you are told otherwise.
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