Minimum Service Standards


All services and programs funded with CALHOUN COUNTY SENIOR MILLAGE funds must comply with the requirements listed in the ALL SERVICES Minimum Service Standard and Minimum Service Standard for the specific program funded. All Minimum Service Standards are approved by the Senior Millage Allocation Committee (SMAC). 


All services and programs funded with Calhoun County Senior Millage funds must comply with the following general requirements.      

ALL SERVICES    (Click for the full minimum service standard)

Adult Day Care is designed to provide medical & rehabilitation services and social interactions to seniors with physical and mental disabilities in a center-based environment.

Adult Day Care    (Click for full minimum service standard)


The Benefits Counseling Program provides assistance to individuals throughout the County in understanding their eligibility and applying for available health and prescription benefits through Medicare (e.g. Medicare Part D prescription plans), Medicaid, and any community based health and prescription programs.

Benefits Counseling  (Click for full minimum service standard)

Community Care Options provides comprehensive assessment, re-assessment and evaluation of needs; development of person-centered care plans; provision of on-going, individualized care management; and arrangement and purchase of services to support the activities of daily living (ADLS) for frail Calhoun County seniors.

Community Care Options  (Click for full minimum service standard)

Dental Services include the provision of dental screening for referral; examination and/or treatment; or dentures by a qualified licensed dentist for seniors, age 60 and over, without dental insurance and not having the ability to pay for such services.

Dental Services  (Click for full minimum service standard)

Guardianship Services help elderly people in need of assistance managing their personal and financial affairs are appointed a guardian by the probate court.

Guardianship Services      (Click for full minimum service standard)

Handy Helper provides simple home maintenance to improve the safety and accessibilty of the interiors of senior homes to improve in-home safety and liveablility.

Handy Helper    (Click for full service standard)

Health Assistance Fund makes available funding for individuals who can demonstrate both a need for a health-related service and a lack of financial resources. 

Health Assistance Fund    (Click for full minimum service standard)

Hearing Services program provides assistance to seniors with the costs associated with hearing tests and acquisition of hearing aids.

Hearing Services      (Click for full minimum service standard)

Home Heating Assistance program is designed to help seniors with their heating utility costs.

Home Heating Assistance   (Click for full minimum service standard)

Information and Assistance program assists Calhoun County seniors in finding and working with appropriate providers that can meet their needs, including information-giving, direct referrals, advocacy intervention, and follow-up contacts to ensure services have been provided.

Information and Assistance   (Click for full minimum service standard)

Legal Services program provides legal advice and representation by an attorney and counceling or representation by a non-lawyer where premitted by law.

Legal Services     (Click for full minimum service standard)

MEALS - Home Delivered Meals Program provides delivered meals to homebound seniors throughout Calhoun County.

Meals - Home Delivered   (Click for full minimue service standard)

MEALS - Congregate Dining Sites are available to any seniors throughout the County.

Meals - Congreate Meal Program  (Click for full minimum service standards)

Minor Home Repair program provides permanent improvements to Calhoun County senior's home to prevent or remedy a safety hazard or a sub-standard condition.

Minor Home Repair   (Click for full minimum service standand)

Money Management program provides help to seniors with money management issues, including budget counseling and assistance, bank reconciliation assistance, check preparation for payment of bills, insurance coverage coverage counseling and coordination, and other life planing issues.

Money Management Program     (Click for full minimum service standard)

Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) provides communication, monitoring and triage of patient contracts through the system. 

Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)    (Click for full minimum service standard)

Prescription Drug Access Program (PDAP) provides access to free and low-cost medications for individuals at low icome levels through the handling of the administrative process and assisting recipients to complete pharmaceutical applications.

Prescription Drug Access Program (PDAP)      (Click for full miminum service standard)

Prescription Vouchers provides free prescriptions to seniors via a voucher method.

Prescription Vouchers       (Click for full minimum service standard)

Senior Center Operations and Support provided for the operations of senior center(s).

Senior Center Operations and Support       (Click for full minimum sevice standard)

Senior Fitness & Fun is a program where seniors can participate in health education, guided exercises and health screenings at sites throughout Calhoun County.

Senior Fitness & Fun           (Click for full minimum service standards)

Transportation Services provides centrally-dispatched service for transportation for Calhoun County seniors to and from communitity facilities in order to receive medical, social and other services that reduce isolation and otherwise promotes independent living.

Transporation Services       (Click for full minimum service standard)

Vision Services program is designed to help persons 60 years of age and older with the costs associated with eye examinations and the acquisition of eye glasses.

Vision Services               (Click for full minumin service standards)

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