The Native American Heritage Fund Board is accepting applications for the 2022 grant cycle. Applications can be made by the following organizations: 
  • A public or private K-12 school, including charter school, or an accredited college or university that is located or based in the State of Michigan. The Board has determined that colleges and universities whose curriculum and presence in the state is wholly online and for-profit colleges and universities are not eligible applicants.
  • A “local unit of government” defined as a political subdivision of the State of Michigan, including a school district, a community college district, an intermediate school district, a city, a village, a township, a road commission, or a county, if the political subdivision has as its primary purpose of providing local governmental services for residents in a geographically limited area of this State.
  • Non-profit organizations may apply for funds only if the project/purpose is being undertaken on behalf of a sponsoring public or private K-12 school, college, university, or eligible local unit of government.

For the application and more information, please visit the dedicated Native American Heritage Fund website here,