Administrator Update for Feb. 6, 2020

Data from this year's Census could make a huge impact in our community. To help residents understand how Census data is used in Calhoun County, as well as motivate individuals to respond this year, Calhoun County's Census Committee created a story map. The map focuses in on seven ways census data impacts funding for the services that we provide countywide. Explore the map, share with your friends, and remember to respond to the postcard your household receives in mid-March.

Here is what else is going on in Calhoun County:

On Monday, Jan. 27, the Board of Health met. Epidemiologist Lauren Smith gave an annual report on the School Wellness program, highlighting changes in the program’s delivery model that have increased success with goals around school attendance, management of chronic diseases, and connecting Battle Creek area students with a primary care physician. The Board also met the new Community Public Health Director Teatrice Williams, discussed vaccination waivers offered by the Public Health Department, and confirmed that its 3-year accreditation evaluation will take place in March.

The Calhoun County Planning Commission met Monday, Jan. 27 and elected its officers for 2020. Calhoun ISD Superintendent Terance Lunger will remain as the Commission’s president this year; John Sackrider of Sackrider Farms will serve as vice-chair; and Ben Lark as secretary. The Commission recommended for approval zoning amendments in Sheridan, Leroy, Bedford and Bedford Townships. Community Development Director Jen Bomba also noted in her department update that annual reports will be out soon, as well as final recommendations from the County’s consultants on a countywide public transportation model.

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