Notice to Fill District 3 Commissioner Seat

The Calhoun County Board of Commissioners seeks to fill the recently vacated District 3 Commissioner seat, after the resignation of Commissioner Kathy-Sue Vette. 

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Following the District 3 Commissioner’s resignation effective May 23, 2024, Michigan law (MCL 46.412) requires the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners to fill the vacancy within thirty (30) days of resignation, by appointing an individual to serve the remainder of the term ending December 31, 2024.

Applications of qualified individuals are being accepted through June 7, 2024. Interested individuals must reside within District 3 and be a registered voter within District 3.

The County’s Corporation Counsel and Board Clerk will review all applications to determine eligibility based on the above-listed criteria. Names of eligible applicants will be given to the Board of Commissioners on June 13, 2024, for their review (21 days after resignation date, as specified by Board Rule 9.7).

Eligible candidates will be invited to the Board of Commissioners regularly scheduled meeting on June 20, 2024, at 7:00pm. At this meeting, each eligible candidate will be given an opportunity to introduce themself, make statements regarding their desire to fill the vacancy and answer questions asked by the Board of Commissioners.

Then, the Board of Commissioners will vote on the appointment at the June 20 meeting, with the candidate receiving a majority vote being selected to fill the District 3 Commissioner seat. The selected appointee will be immediately sworn into office by the Calhoun County Clerk and commence all responsibilities on June 20 as the new District 3 Commissioner.

Qualified individuals interesting in being appointed to the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners’ District 3 seat must complete the online application, which is available below. 

Interested in submitting questions for Commissioners to ask eligible candidates? Submit them via the Contact Us form.

Calhoun County Commissioner District 3 Description 

Click here for a PDF map of District 3. 

CommissionersDistrict3smallStarting on the boundary between the City of Battle Creek and the City of Springfield at the intersection of 28th St N and W Goguac St. Thence east along W Goguac St to Riverside Dr. Thence northeasterly along Riverside Dr to the centerline of WB E Dickman Rd. Thence easterly along E Dickman Rd to the centerline of SB I-194. Thence Southerly along said centerline to its intersection with the centerline of the Kalamazoo River. Thence southeasterly along said centerline to a point on the west line of Fractional Section 18 T2W R7S (Emmett). Said west line is also the boundary between the City of Battle Creek and Emmett Charter Township. Thence south on said boundary line to the south boundary line of the City of Battle Creek. Thence west along the boundary line between the City of Battle Creek and Leroy Township to the west line of the southeast quarter of the southeast quarter of Section 32 T2S R8W (Battle Creek). Thence north along said west line to Minges Rd S. Thence east along Minges Rd S to Sonoma Rd. Thence North along Sonoma Rd until its end, then follow the west line of Section 26 T2S R8W (Battle Creek) north to its intersection with WB I-94. Thence easterly along said centerline until due south of the centerline of Minges Rd S. Thence north to the centerline of Minges Rd S. Thence north along said centerline to Lynwood Dr. Thence westerly along Lynwood Dr to Bayshore Dr. Thence Westerly along Bayshore Dr to Bay Point. Thence northerly along Bay Pointe to the East line of Lot 22, Cobblands Plat #1. Thence northerly along said east line to the shoreline of the south channel of Goguac Lake. Thence Northerly along the western shoreline of Goguac Lake and its channels to Woodward Ave S. Thence north along Woodward Ave S to Wheaton Ave. Thence West along Wheaton Ave to Sherman Dr. Thence South along Sherman Dr to Lakeshore Dr. Thence southerly and westerly along Lakeshore Dr to Pepperidge Ln. Thence north along Pepperidge Ln to Charles Pl E. Thence northwesterly along Charles Pl E to 24th St S. Then northerly along 24th St S to Columbia Ave W. Thence east along Columbia Ave W to Woodrow Ave S. Thence north along Woodrow Ave S to Territorial Rd W. Thence west along Territorial Ave W to 28th St N. Thence north along 28th St N to POB.