On Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2020, the Calhoun County Sheriff Appointment Committee unanimously approved Detective Steve Hinkley for the role of Sheriff through the remainder of the term. He will serve until the end of the year, and beginning in 2021, whoever is elected in the November election will take the seat.
Steve Hinkley will assume the role of Sheriff on Saturday, April 18.
Hinkley was the only applicant. He has worked at Calhoun County for almost 30 years under five sheriffs. He spoke at the public meeting about understanding the importance of this role and his interest in continuing with the existing management of the office.
During public comment, Sheriff Matt Saxton shared that he believes Hinkley is strongly qualified for this position.
The appointment committee was made up of the Calhoun County Prosecutor David Gilbert, Chief Judge Michael L Jaconette, and the Clerk/Register of Deeds. The Clerk, newly-appointed Kim Hinkley, recused herself at the start of the meeting due to her relationship to the candidate and was replaced by Deputy Clerk Shana Huerta, who is the only Calhoun County deputized clerk who does not work for Kim Hinkley. This was done to avoid conflict of interest.

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