2022 Annual Reports

Below are the 2022 Annual Reports from Calhoun County Offices. Please click the name of a department to explore its accomplishments and numbers at a glance from last year.

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  • Results from the broadband survey conducted by Merit were shared with the community.
  • The county engaged CTC Technology and Energy to assist with feasibility and cost study for a county-wide solution.
  • Telecom lawyer Mike Watza, from Kitch Law Firm was brought on to advise the Task Force and staff on the Broadband Initiative. He also advocated for the County’s rights and interests regarding State and Federal legislation.
  • Every other Monday meetings were set with the broadband executive team, Mac McCullough, Kitch Law Firm, CTC, and staff.
  • Staff was in discussions with the Michigan High Speed Internet Office, Connected Michigan, the Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity, as well as the Michigan Association of Counties to further the County’s initiative.
  • Staff worked with the Merit Broadband Data Collection Workgroup on the broadband availability challenge for FCC map data.


  • By referring back to the Task Force’s identified strategic goals—accessibility, affordability, adoption, and digital literacy—County had ongoing conversations about how to best engage with Internet Service Providers to increase service in Calhoun County. The outcomes of that discussion are reflected in the recommendations in the CTC report, which will be presented to the Task Force in January 2023.
  • The deadline for submitting location challenges and availability challenges was an obstacle in 2022. Staff worked with GIS Manager, Brent Thelen and Merit to be able to submit in the timely manner.


  • Lucy Blair and Lynn Meikle presented at the Merit Broadband Summit.
  • Lucy Blair presented on the Broadband Initiative at the Local Government Leaders Forum held in December.
  • The Broadband Task Force encouraged county residents to participate in the process to review national Internet maps and challenge information about their individual coverage with an educational campaign.
  • Results from the broadband survey conducted by Merit were shared with the community.
  • Broadband informational emails were sent regarding Task Force updates and how municipalities can engage in broadband process, to keep stakeholders informed.


  • Merit Broadband Survey
  • Feasibility and Cost Analysis Report, which included conversations with ISPs, utility companies, local municipalities, and ongoing discussion of county capacity
  • FCC Map Challenge educational campaign


Michael “Mac” McCullough, Task Force Chair Willard Library
Angela Stewart Battle Creek Community Foundation
Kathy Szenda Wilson BC Pulse
Jim Haadsma Michigan House of Representatives
Lee Adams W.E. Upjohn Institute
Dr. Paul Watson Kellogg Community College
Gary Tompkins Calhoun County Commissioner
Jake Smith Calhoun County Commissioner
Lorie Upright Calhoun County ISD
Art Kale Village of Homer
Ben Tenney Nottawaseppi Huron Band of the Potawatomi
Stacy Wines CareWell Services
Ray Barclay Albion College
Paul Egnatuk Michigan House of Representatives
Jeff Albaugh Marshall Township
Shadi Makahleh City of Battle Creek
Mike Nofs City of Battle Creek



eligible responses hav internet no internet task force meetings



  • Communications staff worked with GIS to submit location challenges of the FCC Broadband Data Maps.
  • Staff from IT, Roads, and GIS were brought onto the task force to assist with internal coordination as projects are identified for this initiative.