E-Recording is the process of submitting documents for recording online and having them reviewed, recorded, and returned back to the submitter electronically.

  1. Send: Submitter electronically prepares or scans, uploads and submits documents through a web-based service for recording.
  2. Receive: The Register of Deeds or recording jurisdiction receives the documents electronically for processing.
  3. Review: The documents are reviewed by the Register of Deeds. Should they find any errors, the documents will be rejected and returned back to the submitter for correction.
  4. Record: After the documents have been reviewed and approved, the documents will be processed, stamped and officially recorded with the Register of Deeds.
  5. Return: The Register of Deeds returns the stamped, recorded document back to the submitter electronically, notifying them that the documents have been recorded.

E-Recording is available for all document types (except for documents with a Real Estate Transfer Tax Valuation Affadavit; these documents much be mailed or brought into the Marshall Office). Calhoun County is utilizing the vendors listed below.

Documents that require Tax Certification will be electronically transfered to the County Treasurer's Office for review. 

Contact a vendor listed below to register as a consumer:

CSC 866-652-0111 www.erecording.com
ePN 888-325-3365 www.goepn.com
Indecomm 877-272-5250 dmg.indecomm.net
Simplifile 800-460-5657 www.simplifile.com

The vendors may provide demonstrations and training.