Calhoun County Elections


Chief Deputy:  As Chief Deputy Clerk of Elections in Calhoun County, I am pleased to be a part of the management team in the Calhoun County Clerk and Register of Deeds offices. 
The Elections Division is only one of the mandated statutes required of the County Clerk and Register of Deeds.  We are responsible for the coordination and administration of Federal, State, County, City, Township, Village, School, College and C.I.S.D. elections held throughout Calhoun County during three election dates each year.   As we serve and are accountable to the citizens of Calhoun County it is imperative to be effective in finances as well as emulate well-run efficient, organized, accurate election procedures.

The Election process affects many people: whether you are registering to vote, requesting an absent voter ballot, voting at the polls, considering running as a candidate, desiring to work at the polls, watching for complete election night results, recounting ballots correctly, or seeking to recall an elected official; the office of the County Clerk is the hub of election activity in the county.  Refer to the Elections tab for all your election needs.   The Elections Division is respected in the Election Community as a leader in exercising the statutory duties necessary to insure the integrity of each election process!

Calhoun County Apportionment Commission ~ 2021:  
Redistricting Information:  Follow the progress of the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission (MICRC) 
  * 2021 Members
 * Future Meeting Dates 6/24/21 Press Release, 9/03/21 Press Release, 9/29/21 Press Release. These meetings are subject to change.
  * Organizational Meeting, 6/23/21, 9:00a  Public Notice; Agenda; Minutes; Adopted Rules of Procedure
  * Meetings: 8/30/21 Agenda, Minutes; 9/07/21 Agenda, Minutes; 9/09/21 Agenda, Minutes; 9/20/21 Agenda, Minutes;
         9/23/21 Agenda, Minutes; 9/27/21 Agenda, Minutes; 9/30/21 Agenda, Minutes; 10/07/21 AgendaBudget, Proposed Minutes.
  * Educational Resources: Act 261 of 1966, Time Frames, FAQ about Redistricting, Important Dates,
Guide to MI Co Govt-Co Apportionment Commission
  * Statistics: Current County Commissioner Districts w/Precincts
                         Current County Commissioner Districts w/2010 Populations
                         Preliminary Population Projections by County

  * Maps:  Current Co. Commission Districts 1, 2 and 3; Districts 4 - 7
  * Plans for consideration:  boundary request adjustment for Districts 1, 2 and 3
          * 2021 BYRD, 7, A submitted 9/30/21, 4:30pm
          * 2021 BURCHFIELD-GILBERT-WENSAUER, 7, A submitted 10/01/21, 9:58am
          * 2021 BURCHFIELD-GILBERT-WENSAUER, 7, A, Amendment 1 submitted 10/04/21, 11:38am
          * 2021 GILBERT, 7, A submitted 10/04/21, 11:44am
          * 2021 BURCHFIELD-GILBERT-WENSAUER, 7, B submitted 10/04/21, 12:48pm
          * 2021 BYRD, 7, A, Amendment 1  submitted 10/04/21, 2:29pm
  * Plan Adopted 10/07/20212021 BURCHFIELD-GILBERT-WENSAUER, 7, B

Off-site Resources:
  * Explore Your Elected Representatives
  * Michigan Secretary of State
  * Michigan Legislature 

Office Closures:
The Calhoun County Clerk's offices will be closed Friday afternoons.  Regular Office hours are Monday - Thursday 8:00a to 5:00p, and Friday 8:00a to noon.   See full 2021 holiday schedule.