Calhoun County Elections

teri_officeAUGUST 4, 2020  OFFICIAL PRIMARY ELECTION RESULTS are available!   Click 'Detailed Results' to see Precinct-by-Precinct results. 

As Chief Deputy Clerk of Elections in Calhoun County, I am pleased to be a part of the management team in the Calhoun County Clerk and Register of Deeds offices. 

The Elections Division is only one of the mandated statutes required of the County Clerk and Register of Deeds.  We are responsible for the coordination and administration of Federal, State, County, City, Township, Village, School, College and C.I.S.D. elections held throughout Calhoun County during three election dates each year.   As we serve and are accountable to the citizens of Calhoun County it is imperative to be effective in finances as well as emulate well-run efficient, organized, accurate election procedures.

The Election process affects many people: whether you are registering to vote, requesting an absent voter ballot, voting at the polls, considering running as a candidate, desiring to work at the polls, watching for complete election night results, recounting ballots correctly, or seeking to recall an elected official; the office of the County Clerk is the hub of election activity in the county.  Refer to the Elections pull-down tab for all your election needs.  

The Elections Division is respected in the Election Community as a leader in exercising the statutory duties necessary to insure the integrity of each election process!

Off-site Resources
Explore Your Elected Representatives
Michigan Secretary of State
Michigan Legislature 

Vote by Mail Applications sent to all Michigan voters  

Office Closures
The Calhoun County Clerk's offices will be closed Friday afternoons during the summer.  Regular Office hours are Monday - Thursday 8:00a to 5:00p, and Friday 8:00a to noon.   See full 2020 holiday schedule.

Online Voter Registration is Live!

We are pleased to announce that the Online Voter Registration website is now available and can be found at by selecting the “Register to Vote” option located on the left panel of the page. The tool can also be reached directly by going to Residents across the state can take advantage of this convenient way of registering to vote. Current voters can easily change their address using this website.

Registering to vote has never been easier and can be accomplished by navigating five easy screens:

  • Welcome screen
  • Qualifications
  • Personal information
  • Address
  • Congratulations screen with receipt option

To use this convenient website, visitors must currently have a Michigan Driver’s License or Personal Identification Card and qualify to vote in the state of Michigan (i.e., citizen, age, residency).

New registrations and changes of addresses will be passed to the Qualified Voter File (QVF) in real time! Because the online registration system requires the voter to provide all information necessary for voter registration and uses the voter’s electronic signature (already on file with the Secretary of State), there will be no need to track down voters who have provided incomplete forms. The site also enables (but does not require) voters to provide their e-mail address or phone number, which we will expect will result in more voters providing this contact information to clerks. Your Inbox and the Voter Registration History tab will display the user name “MVIC” as the source of these transactions.

The website utilizes responsive design meaning that it can be used on any computer, tablet, and smart phone. We encourage you to share information about this tool and promote its use. Additional features will be added in 2020.