Planning and economic development at the county level has the ability to identify and address issues that are regional in nature such as public utilities, transportation services, natural resource management, and commercial and/or industrial developments that serve a regional geography.  Planning for these issues together can eliminate duplication of efforts, encourage communication among municipalities, and create opportunities for more efficient use of resources. 

The county planning function is accomplished through county staff as well as the County Planning Commission, an eleven-member board appointed by the County Board of Commissioners. 

The principal duties and responsibilities of the Calhoun County Planning Commission include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • To make studies, investigations, and surveys relative to economic, social, and physical development of the county
  • To formulate plans and recommendations for the most effective economic, social, and physical development of the county
  • To consult with adjacent counties to avoid conflicts in over-all plans
  • To serve as a repository of local plans and zoning ordinances
  • To review township zoning ordinances, master plans and all amendments to such policy
  • To review proposed Farmland and Open Space Enrollments pursuant to PA 116 of 1974
  • To prepare a guide for long-range development of general physical plans regarding the pattern and intensity of land use, the provision of public facilities, and long-range fiscal plans for such development
  • To engage in intergovernmental coordination of all related planning activities among the state and local governmental agencies concerned

County planning staff are actively engaged in assisting local officials with changes in land use policy.  From ordinance language related to renewable energy to urban livestock regulations; each community is unique making each review of proposed policies unique.  In addition, staff are poised to function as a liaison between local municipalities and other planning agencies, like the Southcentral Michigan Planning Council or the Michigan Association of Planning, to bring the most current information to our community.   

Planning Commission

All Calhoun County Planning Commission meetings are held at 4 pm on the fourth Monday of each month (except for May and December). Meetings are held in the Garden Level Conference Room in the Calhoun County Building located at 315 West Green Street, Marshall, MI 49068.

2024 Meetings Schedule: 

January 22, 2024 - Canceled
February 26, 2024 
March 25, 2024
April 22, 2024 - Canceled
May 20, 2024
June 24, 2024
July 22, 2024 - Canceled
July 29, 2024
August 26, 2024
September 23, 2024
October 28, 2024
November 25, 2024
No December Meeting

Planning Commission Members:

Name Role Term Ends
Ryan Reincke Recreation/Tourism December 31. 2026
Jerry Johnson Educational December 31, 2025
John Sackrider, Chairperson Agricultural, forestry and land use December 31, 2025
Ben Lark, Secretary Environmental December 31, 2026
Dan Livingston Citizen at-large December 31, 2024
Vacant Sanitation, environmental health, housing, and human services  
Richard Porter, Vice-Chairperson Governmental municipal December 31, 2024
Aaron Haynes Industrial and economic December 31, 2024
Diane Thompson Calhoun County Commissioner December 31, 2024
Kelli Scott Calhoun County Administrator/Controller  



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