Domestic Violence Intervention Court (DVIC)

Domestic Violence Intervention Court (DVIC) Judge: Hon. Tracie Tomak
Case Manager: Madelyn Heisler 
Probation department telephone number: 269-969-6659

Calhoun County Justice Center
District Courtroom #317
161 E Michigan Ave., Battle Creek, MI 49014

Other Important Resources
Hands on Battle Creek: 2-1-1
Substance Abuse Services SWMBH: 1-800-781-0353
Summit Pointe: 269-966-1460
Michigan State Police Domestic Violence Awareness

A community coordinated response to END intimate partner violence in Calhoun County

The Domestic Violence Intervention Court (DVIC) is dedicated to reducing the number of intimate partner violence incidents in Calhoun County through a coordinated community effort, which focuses on safety and accountability. The Court will work toward the establishment of consistent practices and policies to eliminate the dynamics of power and control found in abusive relationships. The Court will strive to dispense equal justice, in all domestic violence matters under the Court's jurisdiction, in a prompt and efficient manner.

Program Information

Responsibilities of DVIC Participants

Healthy Relationship Classes

What is Intimate Partner Violence?

Who qualifies for DVIC?

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